I’m a mom-to-be!

“You’re not an accident, you’re not a mistake… you’re the best of surprises two people can make!”

I’m on my 23rd week now and I still can’t believe there’s a little bun baking in my oven. A few more weeks to go and we’ll be welcoming our little angel to the world! Who would’ve thought time would fly by this fast?

I remember the day when we first found out about my pregnancy. Yes, we were trying, but we didn’t expect I’d get pregnant so soon since I just got off my hyperthyroidism medication. I figured it’ll take some time until my body goes back to normal. Well, I was wrong – and we are ever so grateful that we have been blessed with a little one.

We felt mixed emotions about the pregnancy: excitement, anxiety, and a little bit of fear. We felt worried about our new responsibility as parents. Will we be good parents? Will we be able to provide? And, being a young couple, we also felt fear – mostly because we had no idea how our families will receive the news. Above all these, however, we felt excited. Who wouldn’t, right? A baby is the most treasured gift any parent will ever receive.

Five months later and here I am! Our little angel is so big already and we’ll be finding out the gender in a few days. We are sort of hoping for a girl, but we agreed that it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is, our angel is growing just fine inside my tummy.

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