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Chance Erin: Our Water Birth Story

You'd think that once you've given birth to four babies, you'd know what to do when you have your fifth. You'd have yourself together and be ever so ready for the birth. But, that's not really the case. Each birth is unique and you can never really be 100% prepared…


6 Items You Should Shop for in January

Once the holiday rush has passed, the new year presents an opportunity for new beginnings. At this time, many find themselves especially driven to reflect, make resolutions, and set goals for the year to come. Whether they’d like to get physically fit, save money, spend more time with loved ones,…


Wealth Creation For Millennials

A shrinking middle class, greater levels of wealth inequality than ever before, and a consumer-driven marketplace that places a high value on gadgets, goods, and lifestyle experiences…sound familiar? It should because these are all the trappings of our Millennial existence and while we love the access technology gives us, the…