Répondez s’il vous plaît!

I think one of the most stressful and, at the same time, most laugh trip-filled part of our wedding preparation is when we started to message people about their attendance. I compiled some funny RSVP answers we received on this post. Don’t get angry ha if your response is here. Trip-trip lang ‘to! 😀

Funny Wedding Invitation Responses

Daddy A: Hi! I would like to confirm if you will make it on our wedding on October 12?
Friend: Congrats!

Daddy A: Bok, punta kayo sa wedding namin sa October 12! [Obviously, isa ito sa mga 09. As promised, I won’t name names. Haha!]
Friend: Yung dati pa rin ba yan, bok? [Isang proof na chick boy ang mga ‘to! Maging alerto, 09 wives! :))]

Daddy A: Tol pupunta ka ba sa wedding sa October 12?
Friend: Confirm ko sa’yo sa October 11 ha?

Me: Makakapunta po ba kayo sa wedding?
Guest: Ano isusuot ko? Saan namin iiwan mga bata? [Pati ba ‘to problema namin? Haha!]

Me: Will you be able to attend our wedding?
Guest: Depende… [Saan?! Depende saan?!]

Coordinator: I’m calling to confirm your attendance on Kim and Arjay’s wedding…
Friend: May emergency eh… [Pero wag ka, pagbukas namin ni Daddy A ng Instagram nakikipag-inuman lang. Haha! Huli ka!]

Hindi kami makatawa ni Daddy A during this time. At some point, nainis kami sa ibang relatives and friends namin bilang pakiramdam namin hindi kami importante sa kanila (to think that we invited them–not other people–because they are important to us). BUT, we decided to just let it go. Sabi nga namin, kung ayaw pumunta… edi ‘wag!

To all who responded with clear answers, to all who came despite the rain, and to all who still attended even with very short notice… thank you so much! We really appreciate the effort!

13 thoughts on “Répondez s’il vous plaît!”

    1. Diba? Sana kung hindi makakapunta, sabihin na lang. Some guests naman told us to our face that they’re coming, but when the coordinators followed up on their attendance a few days later, biglang di na pupunta. Kaya nga sabi namin ni Daddy A pag nainvite kami sa wedding, pupunta talaga kami. Kawawa rin kasi yung couple.

  1. Awww. When that happened to a friend. I took weddings very seriously na. At first, di ko naiintindihan kasi di ako ‘wedding’ person. Pero yung tipong out of 150 people na iinvite, e isinama ka. Malaking privilege pala sya. Na may mga drinop na people sa list, para ikaw ang magtake ng slot.

    1. That’s very true! Couples can only invite a limited number of guests so people should be nice enough to at least inform the couple if they can’t come so they can invite other people. We paid for 250 guests, our caterer only served 171 people. Imagine all the left over food! But anyway- we’re just glad that those who came, came. 🙂

  2. serene shikukeza


    Masama loob ko di umattend wedding niyo. Nakahanda pa naman na ang isusuot ko nun at anu look ng make up ko!

    Pero alert sa “dati pa ba?” na tanong ha. Haha! Kulit lang!

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