Raising Well-rounded and Fulfilled Kids with John Robert Powers

Studies have shown that the first five years of a child are the crucial years for growth and development. It is during these years that the brain develops dramatically – the child’s thinking becomes more complex, he can communicate more clearly, his motor abilities advance, and he begins to develop social and emotional awareness.

This is why it is very important for parents to nurture learning during this stage. In our home, we limit the minis’ screen time so they can engage in exploratory, creative and independent play.

When children engage in exploratory play they develop a perception of themselves as “explorers” – competent, confident learners who ask questions and make discoveries. – Early Childhood Education

We have also taken advantage of this sponge-like phase by enrolling the minis in classes that not only teaches alphabets, numbers and the like, but also develops their interpersonal skills. Sure, class fees take up a bit of our budget, but I’d like to think of it more as an investment than an expense.

Speaking of investing on education, John Robert Powers recently launched a new program that aims to nurture a child’s potential for success by developing values and skills that are instrumental in living a happy and fulfilled life.

The Future Leaders Program of John Robert Powers was developed based on the premise that every child has the potential for success. The program is carefully structured with the intent of creating fun classes for children that will help them develop a positive sense of self, confidence and independence.

Interesting, right? I have known about John Robert Powers way back in high school. One classmate talked about her experience there and I thought, “Do you seriously need to take personal development classes? What did she learn? How to dress up?” Looking back, I wish I joined her in her classes. I realize now that more than learning to present yourself well, John Robert Powers gives its students the opportunity to break out of their shells so they can pursue their dreams and inspire others to do the same.

That is why after being introduced to the Future Leaders Program, I knew that it is something I would like the minis to take part of.

More About The Future Leaders Program

John Robert Powers

The program is a 60-hour course (plus access to a free all-year round refresher) that focuses on personal development, oral communication and creative writing. Classes consist of a balance of child-centered and teacher-directed activities where children learn to speak confidently, convey their ideas effectively, and develop independence. Moreover, the program trains children early on to become good decision-makers, negotiators and planners.

But, what really sold the program to me is that aside from developing the child’s confidence and independence, it also teaches essential leadership values like selflessness, respect and cooperation.

What about the parents?

I had the same question when we paid John Robert Powers Makati a visit. I want to enroll my children in the Future Leaders Program, but I also want to learn how to nurture their development even at home. Well, John Robert Powers is way ahead of us on that because they also have what they call the Dynamic Parenting Workshop.

The Dynamic Parenting Workshop is designed to empower parents who seek to improve their sense of personality in general and parenting in particular. The program strives to provide parents with an alternative and proactive learning experience that, hopefully, will revitalize their view of what parenting can be.

Parents with kids enrolled in John Robert Powers are encouraged to join this workshop, but parents with no kids enrolled are also welcome to join.

A Peek Inside John Robert Powers Makati

John Robert Powers has classrooms for lectures and discussions, rooms with mirrors for ramp practice, make up rooms and rooms where students are taught social graces.

John Robert Powers

John Robert Powers

John Robert Powers

To know more about the programs offered by John Robert Powers, please visit their website at www.johnrobertpowers.com. For inquiries, you can call (02) 892 9511 or (+63) 9175931118. Look for Ms. Leigh Monasterio Tugot (leigh@johnrobertpowers.com).

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21 thoughts on “Raising Well-rounded and Fulfilled Kids with John Robert Powers”

    1. Hi Peachy, we would like to invite you and your kid to a free assessment so we can discuss the most appropriate program for your child, as well as its content. You may reach me at 0917.5931118 or 0917.5960939. I look forward to meeting you. – Leigh Tugot/John Robert Powers

  1. I took a corporate etiquette class at JRP when I was still working, sponsored by the office, of course. I really learned a lot. These courses for kids are great, and I’m sure that it will be a great experience for them.

    1. I want to take a class nga rin eh! I’m just waiting for the kids to get a little older then we’ll enroll them here. Tapos sasabay na ako. Haha!

        1. Thanks Patty for being proud of JRP! We’ve good a lot of good stuff in JRP that you might want to explore for yourself or your loved ones. You may each me at 0917.5931118 or 0917.5960939.

          Leigh/John Robert Powers

      1. I look forward to that Kim! Please feel free to get in touch with me! – Leigh/ John Robert Powers (0917.5931118 or 0917.5960939)

    1. I’ve always had issues with confidence. So when I saw how my classmate from highschool turned out after her classes at JRP, I wanted to try it na rin. Soon, I hope!

    2. Thank you Mr Jacob’s Mom for the compliment! The core of our program is confidence building and we can do it from age 4 to 40+ and beyond!

      Leigh/ John Robert Powers

    1. HI Janice, come over for a free assessment and bring your kids! Who knows there is also a program that fits you perfectly! Please call me any time to schedule the assessment. We have ongoing summer classes so there is till enough time to get them in! See you soon –

      Leigh/John Robert Powers (0917.5931118 / 0917.5960939)

    1. HI Michelle, come on over and let’s explore other payment options. You may start with the basic program then upgrade to the next level, that way it would be light on the pocket.

      Leigh Tugot/John Robert Powers (0917.5931117/ 0917.5960939)

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