So I tried applying for a PLDT Home DSL connection…

So I tried applying for a PLDT Home DSL connection…

A strong and reliable internet connection is important for us work at home moms because itΒ connects us to our clients who are usuallyΒ from another country. So imagine how stressed we get when the connection fails on a super busy day!

I dealt with an unstable 3G connection for over a year and I believe I gained a few wrinkles – at 25 years old – because of that. For some reason, my 3G connection always decides to act up on extremely busy times like the end of the month when I need to create reports from data I can only get online. Why didn’t I just apply for a more stable DSL connection? Because I thought I won’t be approved since I’m a freelancer. Plus, I felt like applying for a connectionΒ would be a huge hassle because of the lines. I thought wrong.

I don’t know why I never checked or even tried, but it’s super easy to apply for PLDT Home DSL pala! When I learned that I can do it online, I decided to give it a try. Online naman so I won’t feel bad for wasting my time lining up. Haha!

STEP 1: Go to PLDT Home’s website

STEP 2: Click the SHOP tab located at the top bar of the website. You will be directed to a page with all the PLDT Home products. To make things easier for you, PLDT Home displays the hottest and most recommended deals on that page. If you want to explore the other deals, though, you can just scroll down to see all the offers. You can even compare packages!

PLDT Home DSL shop

Since we’re not heavy internet users (we don’t have gamers or video streamers at home), I chose the PLDT Home DSL Plan 999. This one gives users up to 3 Mbps for surfing the web.

STEP 3: Select Your Add-ons. If you want to add features to your plan, you can simply choose from a list of add-ons that PLDT Home offers its users.

PLDT Home DSL application

Don’t want any add-ons? No problem! You can just scroll downΒ and check that box that says ‘I don’t want any add-ons.’

PLDT Home DSL online application

STEP 4: Almost done! Just fill up the form with your personal details. Also, prepare a PDF copy of a government-issued ID and one financial statement. I used my Driver’s License and a copy of my oDesk Certificate of Earnings for freelancers.

PLDT Home DSL online application

The total inital fee for Plan 999 is PhP 1,100 and the monthly fee is PhP 1,699. If you’re wondering why it’s worth PhP 1,699 and not PhP 999, that’s because it is a DSL + Landline package. I think to have a DSL connection, the house should have a PLDT landline as well so I really have no choice. πŸ˜€ That’s fine, though. At least now we finally have a home phone!

Anyway. After submitting my application, I was notified that approval will arrive within 24-48 hours. I wasn’t sure if my Certificate of Earnings will cut it, but surprisingly, PLDT Home approved my application after just a day! YEY! Once approved, you will receive an email and text message reminding you to pay the initial fee within seven days. You can make your payment through their website using your credit card or you can go to a PLDT Sales and Service Center near you. You also have the option to pay through Bayad Centers and SM Outlets.

Thank you, PLDT Home, for making the application process fast and hassle-free! I’m really glad I got approved. I can now say goodbye to stressful work days because of an unstable connection.

For more information about their products and latest deals, visit

This is not a sponsored post. Everything I wrote here is based on my online application experience for a PLDT Home DSL line.

347 thoughts on “So I tried applying for a PLDT Home DSL connection…”

      • Good pm. Down kasi ang email ng customercare ng pldt and hinde ng rereply sa twwet and pm sa fb kaya dito na po ako magtanong…. kapag po ba maka receive ng email from pldt gaya ng na copy ko po sa baba. Ano na po susunod? Wait nalang po installer para ma install na po line at sure na,na check na din po ba nila facility nila kung may available na slot or may naka reserve napo sakin?, sana po may mag reply. Thank you
        Dear ,

        Thank you for your interest in getting PLDT Services!

        Attached is the Subscription Certificate for . Please fill-out all necessary information needed and kindly submit it to our PLDT installer upon installation of your connection.

        We would like to inform you of the following details, terms and conditions of your chosen plan.

        DSL UNLI PLAN 1299

        Ø Monthly Service Fee: Php1299 (inclusive of Telephone and Internet Services)

        Ø Speed: Up to 3Mbps (unlimited internet)

        Ø Lock-in: 24 months

        Ø Pre-termination Fee: 3 X MSF

        Ø Modem and Installation Fee: Php109/ month for 24 Months

        Β· Modem Fee: Php1200 and Installation Fee: Php1100

        Should you have other concerns, you may email us back at

        Dear ,

        Thank you for your interest in getting PLDT Services!

        Attached is the Subscription Certificate for . Please fill-out all necessary information needed and kindly submit it to our PLDT installer upon installation of your connection.

        We would like to inform you of the following details, terms and conditions of your chosen plan.

        DSL UNLI PLAN 1299

        Ø Monthly Service Fee: Php1299 (inclusive of Telephone and Internet Services)

        Ø Speed: Up to 3Mbps (unlimited internet)

        Ø Lock-in: 24 months

        Ø Pre-termination Fee: 3 X MSF

        Ø Modem and Installation Fee: Php109/ month for 24 Months

        Β· Modem Fee: Php1200 and Installation Fee: Php1100

        Should you have other concerns, you may email us back at


    • Hi. I am trying to apply for for DSL online. However it requires me to put a landline number which I don’t have at wala man po ako kakilalang may landline. Ibig sabihin po ba hindi na po kaya ako pwede makapag avail?

  1. Ate Kimberley Reyes ask ko lang po kung ano ang susunod na step after nito
    Good day!

    Thanks for choosing PLDT. We are happy to process your application made through our website.

    Upon successful installation of your service, kindly submit the fully accomplished Subscription Certificate (please refer to our attachment) to our PLDT installer or simply print, sign and send back to us for your convenience.


    * Monthly Service Fee: Php 1899 (Bundled Landline and Internet Service)
    * Speed: Up to 20Mbps (No Data Capping)
    * Lock-in: 36 months
    * Pre-termination Fee: 3 X MSF
    * Installation and Wifi Modem: Php 3600 (cash) / Php 119 (installment)/month for 36 months

    Thank you very much and we look forward to serving you.


      • Same din po ang question ko. Down po kasi yung pldtcustomercare email. At hinde ng rereply sa fb or tweet.. pag maka receive po ng email na ganyan ba eh tapos na ang check ng facility sa location. May naka reserve na slot na at sure na ma install lan. Installer nalang hihintayin? Sana po maka reply. Tyia

        • Hi Cara, unfortunately, I’m not from PLDT so I can’t give you an answer. They actually do reply in Twitter. I just got in touch with them regarding my internet concern and they replied.

  2. Maam may tanong lang po ako . Nag inquire po ako sa pldt nung friday. Then sabe nila isusurvey muna nila yung location ng bahay ko. 1299 po ung napili ko na plan. Ilang araw po kaya bago ko makabitan?
    Thanks . Eunice

  3. Hi, Miss Kim!

    Thanks for this post, I learned a lot. πŸ™‚

    I read in the comments that you recently upgraded to a 9mpbs connection. Quick question: In your experience, What was the slowest speed you got so far? I read somewhere that guaranteed minimum speed is at 30%. (For 9mbps, that should be around 2.7mbps.) Just confirming if this is true (in your experience at least).

    I am currently deciding which plan to avail: DSL Plan 1,699 (unlimited data, 6mpbs speed) or DSL Plan 1,299 (50gb data limit, 10mbps speed). I prefer the DSL Plan 1699 because of the unlimited data, however my concern is that the speed may fall way below 1 or 2mbps.

    Kasi kung usually bababa pa ng 2mbps, I might just go with the Plan 1299 (with max speed na 10mbps).

    Thanks for the feedback. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t usually check my speed. But what I can say is, I’m satisfied with the connection speed. Mabilis naman palagi. I’d go for the unlimited data plan. The data cap may be faster to use up than you thought. But that’s just me! It depends kasi on how you’ll use your connection. I prefer unlimited data because I work from home, I download/upload designs, I watch videos. So I can’t have a data cap.

      • Maam ask lang po 2 beses na po kc kameng nakakuha ng notif ng makakareceive ng txt or call mula sa pldt kasi nga nag apply po kami ,pero wala pa din po .. ganun po ba talaga ? Saka mga ilang days po ba ang tinatagal ng proseso nang pag aapply ? Thank You po πŸ™‚ God Bless πŸ™‚

    • Apply the PLDT FIBR plan … It more faster and get the one without the cap…
      Get the unlimited para hindi ka mabitin . Mabilis and more reliable.

    • Hindi available samin yung FIBR. So DSL na lang in-apply-an ko.

      Nagsubmit ako ng application March 25. Pumunta yung taga-install samin April 8. Sadly, wala na daw available na slots. Maghihintay pa ng may magpapa-disconnect dun samin. Haha.

      So hanggang plano na lang talaga muna yung plano kong mag online teaching. So sad.

  4. gud pm ask ko lng pano kung dati kang subscriber ng smart bro tapos after 2 yrs na end mo ung contract kaso my inoffer cla na extend contract mo pero ayaw mo na kaso naka process na sa kanila…nasira pangalan mo sa smart at my utang ka na sobrang laki dahil sa 24 month lock in… at gusto mo naman ngayon magpakabit ng pldt…. possible p kya un…ung utang mo sa smart eh hindi mo nmn nagamit pero ginawa nilang utang mo… nag merge na ang smart at pldt pano po gagawin nung pinsan ko pinapatanong nya

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  6. Hi gud day …tanong ko lng kung anong pldt internet ang magandang iapply para sa piso net ?may computer set n kmi internet nlng ang kulang…

  7. Hi Kimberley,

    I also applied online a couple of days ago but still have not heard back from them. I’m keeping my hopes up though specially it’s the holiday season. But I would like to know… after you paid the installation fee, how long did it take for PLDT to get your DSL/land line up and running?

      • I’d rather go their business office i am more at ease with talking to real people than forbid if they give you their real name…. Plus the csr’s became my friends overtime.
        Mababait naman sila and very accomodating

  8. bakit po saken nakabitan na naman ako pero hindi paden activate yung net . binigay lang ang modem at phone pero hindi naman magamit kase walang net sabi nla saken pupunta daw yung tauhan nla pero di naman dumating.

  9. share ko lang po experience ko. nag apply kami november 2nd week then after 3 days dumating yong mag iinspection dala nya na yong resibo para sa payment ang kaso double check address me pagkakamali ipinabago namin..then after 3 days ulit tumawag pldt binigay na yong reference para sa payment then bayad kami sm manila ng 1000 pesos.sabi ng cashier sa loob daw ng 3 weeks ikakabit na. every week tawag kami sa pldt. ang sagot nila palage “hintayin nyo lang”.. umabot ang 3 weeks! ayon naikabit na nga..ang saya! bago mag pasko me connection na kami πŸ™‚

    hintay lang talaga at kulitin nyo ng kaunti wag naman subra πŸ™‚

  10. nakakaloka naman ung mga experiences ng PLDT subscribers. d pako nagsubmit ng application pero nabubuwiset nako sa PLDT dahil sa reviews. hehe.

  11. Hindi naman maayos kausap ang pldt,, kakakabit plang samin ng plan 1299 sabi free installation Daw pero mag aapear yung installation sa 1st bill mo,, tpos naka receive kmi ng text sa pldt na ang bill namin ay umabot ng 2427 kaya nagtaka ako,, tumawag ako sa hotline nila magulo nmn yung sagot…hay manloloko pldt…

  12. Hi there.. quick question.. have u tried the PLDT Telpad. Do u know if it would work to take calls on.. homebase dn po ako, and I was wondering if it worked as an alternate parang headset. lol.

      • I see.. hmm.. well, I guess I’ll have to look more into this. I heard it’s possible. I would rather answer my incoming calls coming from my Skype on a phone, not headset & use it as kind of like a soft phone for Ring Central outgoing calls… If u happen to know anyone who has this type of setup, please let me know. Thank You.

  13. question lng po, un pong promo ng PLDT DSL ngaun, un half lng un bbyaran nyo pag magswi2tch kayo sa kanila, ilang months po dpat kayo nka subscribe sa ISP nyo para maavail un promo?

  14. hi kim, I just want to share my experience applying for my pldt dsl .. last october 4 2016 mag apply mismo ako s pldt main office s cainta then nag wait ako ilan days my nareceive akong email and txt from pldt n na approve nga yung application ko then agad ako nag punta sa pldt office but nung nkausap ko yung staff at sabe ko nagapply ako sa dsl and mag bbayad ako. ang sabe sakin, wala daw free slot ..haayss ganun ba tlga yun unahan sa slot sa isang area like cainta? nsayang ang time at effort ko sana nung nag aapply plang ako sinabi na nila agad n wlang available slot s area nmin :3

    • ganyan din po inabot ko dyan sa PLDT cainta.. na approved na. nakapag down na ako. then after two week nag follow up ako sa office nila..then sabi wala daw slot .. d man lang nila ako na notify agad.. tapos nag claim ako ng refund na nakuha ko after 1 month.. edi wow talaga

  15. Hi guys April or May 2015 nung naikabit ung dsl 1299 2mbps ko.. its true na sobrang hussle nila..

    I apply via online and nkalagay dun free installation.. after 2 days I receive a call confirming everything but then after ilang araw they inform me n kelangan ko daw 1 month mag advance payment “HOTSPOT” daw area nmn so I asked anu yun ibig sabihin.. sagot saken madami daw kse d nag babayad sa area namen.. so ok cge umagree nmn nag bayad aq..

    Inabot aq ng 3 weeks nkailang punta aq sa office sa megamall at tawag sa CSR.. wla daw available slot!

    Badtrip n badtrip aq sa pag aantay DAHIL D NMN SINABI SAKEN yun before sabi ung hotspot kuno lng.. nung mag rrefund n aq matagal daw bago makuha buwan daw bbilangin.. so no choice inantay ko na

    After 2 months aq nkabitan worst customer service cla..

    Sa nag tatanong kung unli wlang cap.. oo unlimited sya.. never ko pinaupgrade sa 3 mbps kht free nila inoofer dhl naririnig q is my limit kya kht ilang sales talk humihindi aq

    So far nkakapag laro ng dota at lol kapatid ko 2 laptop at isang desktop pa sila.. pero wag lng sabayan ng may nanonood sa youtube mag llag talaga

    Pero everynight nagddownload or live streaming kmi ng movie ng kapatid ko bago matulog no issue..

    Ska depende sa area cya.. samen dito sa may cainta rizal.. kse may time pag nagsspeed test pa aq more than 2mpbs pa nga cia especially morning

  16. my mom applied for landline with internet that is worth 1299/month. Ang sabi install nila by sept.10 tumawag ako wala pa daw nagpunta para install.Then 3rd week tumawag ako sa pldt they say they can’t find my mom’s name in their computer system.After that ang sabi may kapangalan daw ang mother ko na delinquent customer.After 3 weeks ng pag aantay tsaka lang nila malalaman that they can’t process my mom’s application because of that problem.So they change my mom’s application to my brother’s name.Ang sabi install nila the following week tapos tumwag ako end of the month wala pa daw nag install so i called pldt again and their answer is ridiculous,,wala pa daw sa system nila ang name ng brother ko.Same answer as what they had told me again before.Waste of time and money to keep inquiring so it is not really true that applying pldt is easy.They keep accepting so many applications and yet they can’t handle it and they keep making customers wait and giving time to install when in fact they can’t do the installation with the date they are saying.
    After my follow up they still want me to answer survey?Kung pwede lang mag bigay ng rating na negative eh! tlgang magbi2gay ako ng negative rating for this kind of service.

  17. kapag pumunta kayo sa initial website nakalagay FREE INSTALLATION AND MODEM tapos kapag andun na sa liquidation ng bills meron 1100PHP charge for installation, niloloko tayo, ibig sabihin Yung FREE DSL INSTALLATION bullshit nila ung ikakabit lang yung broadband sa cable, tpos yung wiring installation ang 1100. Don’t me.

  18. Hi ask ko lang po kung yung pldt homedsl na internet namin ay unlimited. Kasi po natatakot ako baka mawalan kami ng internet bigla. May mga nabasa po ako na kapag wired daw ang connection unlimited daw po. totoo po ba?

  19. Hi! My application was approved and I have paid an initial payment of 3k. Dyou happen to know if this 3k includes the installation fee p po? Or pagdating ng mga magiinstall wala n pong payment.Thank u!

      • Sobra akong namomroblema about sa application ko.

        Last June 3 2016 naginquire ako sa kanila for new application at kung anong subscription ang pwede nilang maibigay saken. I gave them my full address at after nila macheck sa database nila they informed me na ang available daw sa Area ko ay Fibr Connection, and i was surprised kasi natuwa ako hearing from them na yun ang available sa area ko dahil yun namn din ang kailangan ko. I didn’t get the full name ng babae na nagentertain at nagbigay ng application form saken,pagkakakilala ko lang sa kanya is Bianca base dun sa name tag na nakasuot sa damit nya. Sabi ng Bianca saken is to complete my requirements first bago maproceed sa application at wait for approval pa daw.
        After almost 2 weeks that was June 14 to be exact bumalik ako ng PLDT Baliuag Branch to submit my complete requirements.
        *2 government ID’s
        *Proof of Income
        *Lease of contract
        *and ID ng lessor ng inuupahan ko.
        June 27, i got a txt message from them informing me that my application is approved at kailangan ko magbayad ng Initial Deposit amounting to 2,600 before the installation.
        June 30 when i made that payment to PLDT Baliuag Branch. Sabi nila saken the installation will not take over 10 days.
        I have waited for 12days para makabitan ako pero wala akong narereceive from them so sumadya ako sa kanila PLDT Baliuag this july 12 to follow-up my application kasi i made the payment already 12days ago pa.
        waiting for an hour sa customers care kasi sa haba ng pila, nakausap ko ang isang ginang in her late 40’s cguro, she told me na last July 4 daw ay nagpunta sa area ko ang kanilang Installation Team, para kabitan sana ako ng internet without my full knowledge. I ask her kung bakit hindi man lang ako tinext or tinawagan man lang since nasa kanila naman ang number ko. The lady repiled me na ”TALAGANG HINDI SILA MAGIINFORM NA NAGPUNTA ANG INSTALLATION TEAM NILA SINCE HINDI SUCCESSFUL NA MAKABITAN AKO AT MAY ERROR SA APPLICATION KO. I asked the lady kung ano ang problema. Sabi nya hindi daw fibr cover ang area ko hindi daw maikakabit ang internet na inaasahan ko.
        I kept myself calm kahit sobrang nafrufrustrate na ako sa naririnig ko kasi i made the payment na tapos wala naman pala silang maikakabit na internet na binayaran ko na. I invested already time, money and effort para lang sa connection na yun na inapprove nila nung nagapply ako sa kanila from the very beginning pero wala naman pala.
        The lady advised me na for refund na daw yung binayad ko sa kanila, then i agreed na irefund nila agad kasi gagamitin ko ang pera to apply nalang sa globe or smart internet pero sabi nya it takes 6 to 9 months kasi pinaprocess pa daw sa main branch nila. Nabigla ako sa tagal ng proseso sa simpleng refund na nagkakahalaga ng 2600 lamang. Ang bilis nilang magask ng payment pero pag sila ang may pagkakamali ganito katagal ang proseso nila.

        • Same as ours now…ganyan din ginawa smen ng PLDT..PLDT fam plan 990 apply namen..sabi samen la daw available port sa area kaya d kame mkakabitan ng internet, only landline daw…wow, d namen need ng landline kc may wireless landline na kme..pero since, nakapackage un sa DSL we have to..pero internet tlga dahilan kya kame nagapply, after nila iapproved at ipaprocess smen ang payment, ganito sasabihin smen, no available port…for refund na lang..tas ganyan katagal waiting period pra makuha mo money mo…Wow, in the first place, dapt d cla ngaapprove kung la cla proper coordination sa installation team if may available port pa sa area..or applicable b ung connection dun sa area…d ung, after na malalman kpag nkapgbayad na..Pinaasa na tayo tas, tayo pa maghihintay ng matagal for our money… What are your action Sir about the issue? Hihintayin mo n lng refund mo ng kaganun katagal? Us, we will escalate the issue sa NTC…

  20. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I have read all of the comments and it’s so nice that I knew a lot of information. However, there were no one who ask about the installation date. Would you mind telling us when did they install your connection after paying your initial payment. Again, thank you and more power! πŸ™‚

  21. Both wired and wireless (as in wifi) ba ang pldthomedsl at umlimited ba ang pldt plan 1995 8mbps yung may land line at 50/off

  22. hi i wanna ask something i choosed ung 1299 package how much ung first payment mo? ive heard na ung iba first payment is 3500. second is 199 why too much sa first payment bill? kala ko package na ung modem and landline sa 1299 .. pag dating ng bill it cost em like 3500 + thats crazy…

    • They wont let you know until it was installed. I am also disappointed with the wrong plan they installed. I already forwarded all the necessary action to their main office, office of the agent I talked to, called 171 and email their customer service about my complaint, 2 weeks pass, but still no action done, until I receive a bill amounting to P1,690 that will be due on july 26 and my phone was just installed july 13. Now I just decided to withdraw my subscription since it only brought stress and frustration.

  23. Hello. Just wanna share my pending application with them. I applied 6/08 online, til now wala pa din. They’ve been calling pero deadair. When I callback sa CS nila,ifollow up daw sa team na incharge. πŸ™ Although someone from CS said na magsend na ko ng ID sa email nila,which I did na. So tick tock tick tock. Good for you mabilis pag process nila. Ampecha na sakin wala pa din. Waahh!

    • Aww, sorry to hear they’re taking that long to process your request! Have you tried other channels? Maybe communicate with them via Twitter? Or, try calling them daily. πŸ˜€ Also, try asking what’s keeping them so long. Maybe there’s no available slot in your area. At least you’ll know why.

  24. Hi πŸ™‚ automatic na po ba na nakasubscribe na yung sa caller I.D or kailangan ko pa po tumawag sa customer service? Para formally magsubscribe?

  25. Haha. Buti ka pa nung nag-apply ka, mabilis lang sila na tumawag sayo Kim. Nakakatawa magbasa ng comments dito. Clear naman na hindi ka taga-PLDT pero marami pa rin nagtatanong na obviously hindi mo masasagot. Tsk. Ang sipag niyo po magreply. Hahahaha

  26. Hi, Kim.

    Will just ask how were you able to send the documents? On the application itself ba or did PLDT call you?

    I am having trouble with answering their call, everytime nalang wala ako marinig on the line, and I can’t call them back since it’s outbound only.

    Medyo nakakastress na, been calling the custoner service for days. Haist. Thanks btw!

    • Hi Gail, when I applied (this is two years ago), I was able to send the documents along with my application as an attachment. The form allowed me to attach my scanned documents. As for getting in touch with them, I’ve never had a problem via their 172 line. If you can’t answer their call, try calling them via 172 instead. Choose the ‘talk to a customer service rep’ option. Make sure you have your reference number or transaction number with you since they will ask for that to check your application status.

  27. Hi Kim,

    I applied for PLDT too, but they were asking for an authorization letter because I am going to use my Mom’s proof of billing since I don’t have any bill under my name. I am wondering if you could provide some info what should be the content of the authorization letter?

  28. Hi. ask ko lang yung installation of Ultera Plan 699 is free until May 31, 2016. May babayaran pa ba ako kapag sa mismong araw ikakabit yung internet? Thank you

  29. Hi Ma’am,

    Ask lang po, pag nagpapaupgrade ka to higher MBPS may additional charge ba sayo monthly?? if from 3 to 5 mbps may dagdag na bayad??

  30. Hi, mag-aavail kami sa PLDT ng dsl 1299, nag-uupgrade ba sila automatically o kami yung magdedecide nun? Sorry this is my first time to get an internet connection from PLDT and I have no idea how this work. Thanks for the answer in advance.

  31. Tanung kolang po kung hnd po me makakuwa nang reperal sa may ari nang aparment an po pwd gawin. At ung 1299 poba nyo unli napo ung sa internet

  32. Hi Kim! just want to clarify with you, example, we are planning to get the Fam plan 1299.
    This plan includes the modemwifi fee of 99/mo so the bill will be 1,398/mo.

    Will this always be the amount reflected on the bill? or will there be changes? changes like for example if we exceed the data cap(assuming if there’s data cap on plan 1299).

    I read that you have a different plan now, but I’m hoping you can relate to my question.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  33. i gotta say, ang tyaga mag sagot ni ms. kimberly ng mga tanong na dapat tanong sa PLDT themselves. mga ibang tanong paulit ulit.

  34. Hello!

    Ask ko lang. Is this unlimited internet monthly?
    I am planning to avail because uuwi ako from abroad and I want a fast internet, our current internet sa house mabagal.


  35. The plan 1699 that you’ve signed up for is that considered as wired dsl. Any suggestion coz I’m planning to work at home as part time.

  36. Good Day po.

    I also have HOME DSL 1299 (2 Mbps) and I want to ask some questions:

    1. How’s your usage? Di po ba siya bumabagal kapag araw- araw magstream?
    2. Consistent po ba siya kahit ilang months na or years na po?
    3. Pag peak hours po ba ng PLDT ( around 7 pm) pag nagspeedtest po kau, mabilis pa din or medyo naglower ng speed pero ok pa din?

    Thanks po.

  37. Ive been a pldt mydsl user since 2013…on its first year iwas satisfied with the service..but now…i feel i wnt to get my line to be disappointed…with your is too slow…too fast collecting the payments…poor costumer service and too slow maintenance and technician…the fabtab that has been delivered to me was the worst tablet i ever had..all in all..your dsl makes me angry everytime…my money is not worth for your so disappointed…..sorry but this is my experience i just want to tell you how i feel…

    • Hi Weng, sorry about your experience. But I’m not from PLDT (I am a customer myself sharing my experience with them) and this is not the right place to send your concerns. It would be best that you contact them directly.

    • I applied for DSL and I am receiving calls from 027712172. However every-time I answer said phone the person at the end will close the line without even answering. Then they will send me email telline me that they could not contact me. Are you paying these guys just to make phone calls so that when they connect they put it down without answering and put in their records a tally for line called? It has become very annoying that I am receiving calls from said number twice everyday, but the person at the end line would not answer.

      • same here… and same number.
        I didn’t know that its from PLDT until I received a text that they are trying to reach me, however lines were either unattended or ringing only, which of course not true.

  38. Hi Kim,

    I tried applying online, but they didnt ask me for any requirements. Can you shed some light for me to push with our application? Your blog was really helpful. I just really want our application to push through, i didn’t hear from PLDT after applying online.

    • Hi Aria, when you applied online, did you get some kind of confirmation (either from a confirmation page or an email) that they received your application? If not, try calling PLDT at 172 to confirm if they received anything from you. Hope this helps!

      • I got a confirmation email and it says that i’ll be contacted within 24 – 48 hrs. But never heard from them since. I dont know to whom i need to send my requirements too. I have so little time to go the office branch that’s why im hoping that this online application will work

        • Hi Aria, I don’t know their process now since this post is from two years ago. But when I applied online, part of the process was to upload scanned copies of the requirements. They probably haven’t contacted you because your requirements are not complete. It’s best to call 172 for further assistance.

    • Same thing happened to me when I submitted my online application. I was told via automated SMS to wait for their call for validation, but to no avail. I also tried contacting them thru email but they kept on telling me to wait for their call. And oh, I applied 16th of December 2015.

  39. ano bang nangyari? any ideas guys?gusto ko nang maiyak , plan 999 lang naman yung ini apply namin a, bakit 5000 plus ang babayaran namin. wala nga tong landline, antay nang antay kami sa bill, hindi naman dumating.tapos tinawagan pa yung mama ko na pag hindi kami magbabayad e i sue to court daw kami. pinutol nga namin nung internet connection nung sinabi na ganyan kalaki babayaran namin. hindi naman nila sinasabi bakit ganyan kalaki babayaran namin kahit kunulit namin palagi. ay nako , telstra, wag ka sanang gagaya sa kanila…huhuhuhhu

    • Have you tried visiting a branch to discuss this with them? I think it’s always best to talk to someone who can explain things further to you instead of just waiting and not knowing what’s going on. If I were in your place, I’d go to a PLDT branch to have all these cleared up.

    • Sa home line namin, I applied online (requirements are in my post). For our business line, I walked in sa PLDT branch. They asked for a government issued I.D., business permit and contract of lease (we are renting an office).

      • Hello ma’am good day. Ask ko lng po bakit hindi pa kami na konektahan. Nag apply kami last week pero hanggang ngayon wala prin tpos yung agent nag handle sa aminn yung nag apply kmi d sumasagot sa tawag. Pls help. If hindi d nmn kami mag force sa kanila mag apply nlng kmi sa ibang ISP.

        • Hi Rowell, I’m sorry but I am not from PLDT so I’m not in the position to take action. Instead of calling your agent, why not try going to the nearest PLDT branch instead to clear things out? You can also call them up at 172.

  40. Hello may i ask kung how much ung plan mo right now and limited ba ang data nya? If yes, ilan po? 50gb? 100gb.? I hope it is unlimited. Thank you. I will be waiting for your answer

    • The plan I applied for when I wrote this post two years ago was the 3 mbps plan which costs around P1,800 per month. There is no data cap. I believe the data cap only applies to Ultera. We’re using HOME DSL.

        • I stand corrected. I re-checked my bill and I actually upgraded to 6 mbps. I pay P3,405.10 each month. We have two desktops, one laptop and four smaller gadgets (iPads, iPhones) and the connection is still very fast.

          • I see, im applying for esl teacher online and ito nalang ang problema ko. Internet connection. Based on your experience using 3mbps connection past few years was it okay skyping abroad? (Like for example: china) lets say solo connection ung 3mbps sa pc for esl teaching. Haha sorry too much questions :))

          • Kung ikaw lang naka-connect (as in disconnect ALL gadgets, even small devices like phones), I think it’ll work fine. However, if other people will be using the connection, magkaka-issue ka with Skype calls. Also, the 3 mbps connection cannot handle group calls. I tried having a group conference using my mom’s 3 mbps PLDT connection and we couldn’t initiate the call. When I used my 6 mbps connection, it went smoothly naman.

          • I see, ang mahal lang kasi ng higher mbps. Wait. . 6mbps? Paano niyo po naavail yun eh wala po yun sa list of plans ng pldt home website? Will you please tell me how? Thanks!

  41. Hi Kim!

    Pina-cut namin yung linya ng telephone/dsl namin last May this year. We decided na mapakabit uli yung internet namin, would you know kung may babayaran ba kami and requirements kung meron?

    Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & regards,


    • Hi Jonar. I am not from PLDT so I don’t know for sure if there are fees. I’m guessing you will need to pay the installation fee again. As for other fees, I’m not sure. Call 171 or visit a PLDT branch para mas klarong masagot ang question mo. πŸ™‚

  42. Thank you for this post. It’s very helpful and yes, I’m thinking of switching ISPs and like you, I’m also an Upwork freelancer and had the same concern. πŸ™‚

  43. PLDT Plan 999 is the best choice for a DSL plan. It comes bundled with a landline. Download speed of more or less 200 kilo byte per second and most of all it is unlimited.

      • Ano lang po kailangan? Balak ko sana mag apply ng fun plan 699 or 999 kasi pang school ko lang naman. But yung cousin ko po nabanned dati kasi hindi nabayaran yung landline plan dahil lumipat kami ng bahay. Then, yung proof of billing namin ngayon is nakapangalan sa mother nya. So nagaalala sila baka matrace. Kaya di ako makapag apply. Is there a chance na makapagapply akp kahit walang proof of billing?

  44. Basically you’re paying 700 pesos for an additional landline because this “plan” requires you too but on the pldt website. They only charge 75 pesos a month for landline plan. Why are they charging a lot higher in comparison?

    Link to pldt landline

  45. I tried applying for the plan 1650 last week and got approved however the person from pldt says to make it faster we have to pay the contractor since thier are others still pending. We did not pay instead we waited for our turn. And now we recieved a message from them that they already reached the max cap in the area but if we could give them 1500 pessos they will find a way and will install it immediately today, knowing that with the selected plan installaion is free.
    Is it posible that if i apply through another pldt booth or through the website may work. Because i think contractors are just finding ways for them to have extra income. Pls help, thanks.

    • Please call PLDT at 172 and report this. Better yet, go to a PLDT branch and let them know about these extra charges. I never experienced that so I don’t know if contractors really charge. From my experience, there are no such charges. And I have applied for two lines already: one for our house and one for our office.

  46. HI Kimberly

    I’m thinking about applying for PLDT DSL. I have been using Globe Mobile Wifi and its TERRIBLE. I am also a freelancer and its so hard to get work done fast, or do Skype calls and upload files to clients. I have simple questions:
    1: How fast is your DSL, compared to 3G mobile wifi? How fast can you load a Youtube video, for example? Can it handle uploading and downloading >50mb files very fast, or is it only a little better than mobile wifi?
    2: After you applied, how long before PLDT did your installation?

    • Compared to my Globe 3G, PLDT is no doubt much faster. I was initially using a 3 mbps connection, which is already pretty fast in loading videos and uploading files. I’ve upgraded to a 9 mbps since so our connection can accommodate all our gadgets without slowing down.

      If I remember correctly, I think the connection was installed after a week. If not a week, the most was two weeks. I can’t remember clearly since this was two years ago.

  47. Hi tanong ko lang nag pakabit ako ng home dsl plan 1299 pwede ko ba sya ipa cut yung line 1month pla ok lang? wala na kc ako pambayad kaya papaputol kp nalang

  48. hi, maitanong ko lang.
    nag apply kasi kami ng plan 1299. then ung promo nila nakalagay 500 intital then 1299 monthly.
    may tumawag samin na pldt at sabi nya na hindi kami makakabitan ng 2Mpbs. at 1Mpbs lang kaya iprovide sa area namin.
    bakit ganun? parang gusto nila mag-apply kami ng panibagong plang kung kelan ginawang monthly ang bayad sa modem.

    • the cap only comes with the wireless plans. DSL connections doesn’t have any cap. fiber connection of pldt also doesnt have any cap except if they said you have a 50gb amount of data or more. i think its only the FIBR Lite that has a cap in terms of fiber connection. If you have 3 or less gadgets or equipment to use then i suggests go for the dsl 999 3mbps.

  49. hello po. first thank you for your post! im actually planning to apply for their 1299 plan, my problem is, I dont think I can show any proof of income, I write for a certain website and get paid via paypal, but I dont have the certifications that people from oDesk do. Will this affect the approval if ever mag apply?

    also, renter din po ako, necessary po ba talaga yung proof of billing, even when its not under my name?

    Thanks a lot! will wait for a response πŸ™‚

  50. Hello kim what is this??
    We regret to inform you that your application status is pending due to line or connection will pass through a private property. For requirements, kindly provide an authorization letter from the owner of the private property and 1 valid ID. Thank you. – Ron of PLDT Customer Care ,,

    • Hi JP, is it possible that there is an existing line where you’re staying and your application will be a sub-line? I cannot say for sure. For a better explanation, maybe you can call PLDT at 172.

  51. Hi, nagsend po ako ng application online for dsl 1299. Nung nada “confirmation” page na po ako i-clicked “submit” tapos lumabas sa screen “please wait” then bigla na lang bumalik sa main page. Ok na po kaya yon or may lalabas na reference number right after ko masubmit? Wednesday po ako nag apply online pero wala po akong natanggap na email/text hanggang ngayon sabado na po. Thank you po.

  52. hi, I just made an application for pldt mydsl too last 7/13. Got the notice yesterday 7/26 that I need to pay the initial fee which is 1.1k, which I immediately paid. My question is, will someone (maybe from the installation group of pldt) contact you after the payment is done? Or will they just surprise visit you at home to do the installation? I’m worried they might just do that since I need to secure permit for them first in our condo unit ^^,

    • Please call PLDT at 172 about this concern. I am not a representative of PLDT; I just wrote about my application experience. It’s best to call them directly so they can address your concern.


  54. ask ko lang po qng pwede d2 sa area namin sa angeles city anunas mag pakabit ng pldt sabi kasi ng mga kaibigan q wala pa po daw pole ng pldt line d2 …
    ang bagal kasi ng net ko gs2 ko sana palitan >.<

  55. Hi, pd ko bang malaman if magkano ung naging first bill mo, kc same plan ung kinuha ko like yours, no add on, but it look like na ung bills na dapat kong byaran is much more than what I expect they charge me 4,086.99 less ung installment fee na 1100 so ang amount due ko for my first bill ay 2,986.99.. it happen din po ba sayo?

    Thanks for reply.

  56. hi po ,

    ask ko lang po sana , possible po ba makapag apply ako online na hindi na kailangan ng landline number ? wala po kasi ako kailala samin , pero sure ko po may pldt connection malapit sa lugar namin

  57. Hi! I applied for a dsl connection about a week ago. I have not received any notifications. May I ask how you were notified by pldt?

  58. I applied last May 22, 2015. Process was slow. THen i paid installation fee on June 10. July 7 na hindi pa nakakabit. CS Hotline keeps on telling me to wait for 24-48 hours for installation for the past two weeks.. Nakakawalang gana na..

  59. Hi gusto ko sana mg pa labit dito samin. My agent po ba kau pwde irefer skin? Pg s office p kc kmi mg aapply matagal dw kc.

    • I recently applied for a new line for my office via a PLDT branch, it didn’t take long at all so yung matagal mag-apply sa office nila, that’s not true. It’s actually faster than online application.

  60. Ano po pinagkaiba ng PLDTMyDSL sa PLDTHOMEDSL ? Nung pinalitan po kasing modem from mydsl to homedsl kasi nagloose na po ung power button , mas naging limitado na ung nkakaconnect at mas bumagal ang connection.

    • I’m not sure…though I think they’re the same thing. If there is loose wiring, it’s best to call 172 up so they can fix it. They’d be more than willing to change the modem/wires if needed.

  61. hi. merun po dati me PLDT dto samin pina cut po then after ilang years po eh dumami na gsto magpa kabit pero ang sinasabi samin eh hndi naraw pwde kasi ung tga dto samin eh nagpa cut nuon tinanggal nadaw linya dto . bat hndi po ba pwde ibalik un ? me DSL na sa bayan dto samin halos 300 meter lng layu nmin sa me DSL na bhay dto pero bat ayaw nla lagyan dto samin mismo .. kelangan pa ng 30 daw na mag apply galing dto samin purok

  62. hello po ate kim! nagpa-install po ako ng ultera 999 kapag po ba na-reach yung 1gb per day na volume at lumampas may additional charge po ba o babagal lang po ang connection at walang additonal charge.? please inform me po. kasi naguguluhan po talaga ako..tapos hindi ko pa po alam kung naconsume ko na ba yung 1gb sa isang araw o hindi pa?..natatakot po ako kasi baka dumating sa end of month at magbayad ng 1,299+ o mahigit pa..meron naman poako nabasa sa internet na babagal lng at magrerest ng 4am. thank you po.

    • Hi Ardee! Unfortunately, we’re not using Ultera so I can’t answer your question. We had PLDT MyDSL installed at home. I don’t think what we have has a cap since the bill is the same every month. If not the same, lower pa minsan kasi they deduct days na down ang internet.

  63. Hi, Kim! I am planning to get PLDT Ultera Plan, however ung mga prrof of billing sa house na tinitirahan ko hnd nkpangalan skin kc nagrerent lang ako ng apartment, pero duns nirerentahan q xang apartment ippkabit. Will it affect the approval of my application?

    • You should have an authorization letter from your landlord/lady stating you’re his/her tenant and the address along with his/her valid id.

  64. Hi, I want to apply for PLDT Ultera, However nagrerent lang ako sa isang apartment so the proof of billing is not under my name. Will it affect the approval of my application?

    • Hi Mariz. You will have to call PLDT about your concern. I am also renting and our utility bills are not under my name. It wasn’t a concern when I applied since I have my proof of income to show. I cannot assure you that they will approve your application as well though so it is best to call them up first.

      • Oh Thank you so much! I also have a proof of income which I can give them, but when I called them up they said I don’t need it, but I’m just worried that they might not approve because I’m just renting.

  65. bakit po yung speedster plan under home dsl category may cap na 50gb/month? and how much po dapat yung initial payment? nung nag trial application po kasi ako 0 yung initial payment. thanks po sa inyo in advance.

  66. I haven’t been there in the Philippines for awhile and I was researching about DSL plans. Na notice ko parang 3Mbps na ang lowest speed offer nila. But I noticed also meron 50GB limit per month? And if lalampas ka nun, e cut off yung service mo unless you buy a booster something? Is this true? wala nang unlimited?

    • I just like to ask, kc I’m planning to apply for PLDT plans, however nagrerent lng aq so ung mga proof of billing hnd nkapangalan skin. Will it affect the approval of my application. Thanks

    • May I ask if how much did you pay for your first month of usage? Because mine, I avail the plan 1299 but they texted and mailed me that I have to pay 3,212.50 and I think that was to high enough, right?

  67. hello ,bat ganon ? nag apply ako january , nag down ako, cancelled ,february , walang response , march . ganun din . april , ang sabi for waiting daw dahil walang facility . then kahapon nakita ko ung pldt ininstallan ung kapit bahay namen , tinanong namin ung kapitbahay kung kelan nag apply , last week lang daw .
    favoritism ? wot is happening ?

  68. Hi. Nice blog post. May I ask how is the consistency of the 3mbps DSL plan? Is it really around 3mbps or do you often experience really slow connections? I’m planning on applying for the same plan. Thanks.

    • Hi Jerald, it’s been pretty consistent ever since we had it installed. There were times when internet was down (during typhoon season), but PLDT is able to act on the issue as soon as they were able to.

    • Apply for pldt fibre if its available in your area already fast and consistent
      Better than copper the monthly fee is the same im not sure if the installation fee has now gone up

  69. Kakaapply lang namin ng DSL plan 999 last week..after 1 week tsaka lang naapproved at humingi na cla ng Initial payment…then within 10days pa daw maiinstall..ganun ba talaga katagal?
    and pano mo pala babayaran ng monthly? may darating ba na bill parang Meralco?

    • Yes, it might take that long for installation–although ours was installed within a week. I guess it depends on the availability of their technicians. And yes, a bill will arrive at your home.

  70. Hi Kim…
    I saw your blog from Google Search, specifically this post.
    May tanong lang sana..

    This day nag-apply ako sa HOME DSL Plan 999
    Here’s more detailed info ng pack

    >> Installation Fee P1,100.00 (One Time Fee)

    >> Monthly Service Fee P999.00 (To be billed Monthly)

    >> Landline Monthly Service Fee P700.00 (To be billed Monthly)

    >> Total Fees

    >> Total Monthly Fee P1,699.00 (To be billed Monthly)

    >> Initial Fee P1,100.00 (One Time Fee)

    >>>> TOTAL INITIAL FEE P1,100.00

    I sent the application already.
    may natanggap akong email saying it would take 24 – 48 hours to know kung approved ba yung application ko.

    If I am right, magbabayad ako after the “approved” email. dba?
    second thing.. reading thru some comments here and you replies. Confused po ako.
    Magkano po babayaran upon arriving of the “approve” email?

    Installation fee lng po ba? which is P1,1000
    Installation Fee tsaka first month internet bill?
    I assume that “Monthy Serviece Fee” ang panginternet connection. So, I am thinking if I am paying P2,000 ?

    Third.. yang “to be billed monthly” so .. kung pareho sa Globe hahatiin ng tatlong buwan?

    Can you please explain? Thank you and have a great day Kim
    (sorry for long texts xD )

  71. Ms. Kim, how much is your monthly payment? My Plan is the same as yours but we pay 2800 a month.. I don’t know where the other charges come from. πŸ™

    • We pay around P1,800 per month. I think the cost of the package differs depending on when you applied. I applied online. I found out that you can get it at a cheaper rate if you apply while they have a promo.

      • They are indeed cheaper on promos, however they take way too long to process applications through promos, at least in our family’s experience. We waited & followed up for almost 5 months, but nothing happened as a result. Fed up, we went & applied for the same Home DSL 1299 plan in their Smart/PLDT branch in SM Megamall without the promo. Lo and behold, we got our home internet after 2 weeks.

  72. hi kim, pwede po bang mag apply sa plan 999 na walang kasamang landline? para 999 lang talaga yung babayaran? kasi diba yung additional na around 700 is for the landline?

    • Hello Orlan. I don’t know. When I applied for Home DSL, the landline was automatically included. I don’t think I was given an option to not get the landline. You can inquire at PLDT (dial 172) about this. Maybe they have a package that won’t require you to get a landline?

    • yes sa pagkakaalam ko pwd ka makapagapply ng plan 999 without landline, ganun d2 sa kapitbahay nmin.Unfortunately, palaging nwalan ng signal sila sa isang linggo 2 to 3x nawawala ang signal, kaya ngaun nag-upgrade sila with landline, tapos ang problema nila.

  73. Hi, Ms Kim. May I ask if no need na po ba na magkaroon ng landline if mybro or ultera lang ang aapplyan? And how long does it take to install the internet sa house niyo? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  74. Hi, Ms Kim. May I ask if no need to have landline na ba kapag mybro or ultera ang inapplyan? and gaano katagal yung installation sa house?

  75. Hi po Ms .Kim . i applied pldt mydsl plan 999 . they texted me today about my bill , and i was shocked dahil naging 2753 pesos yung naging bill ko . this is my first billing kasi i just started last feb 27 2015 . supposedly dapat 1699 lang babayaran ko , bat po ganun ??

  76. we just applied recently sa promo na free installation dito sa unit namin. ang inapply namin is yong 1995 na 5mbps, surprisingly nung kinabit xa sa unit namin, may kasamang landline at 3 mbps lang daw ang sabi nung nagkabit kasi chineck yong speed test na. sabi nia ay 999 daw yong nakasulat dun sa inapply namin. so pag gusto daw namin i upgrade pwede naman daw pero baka after 1 week, so sabi ko, sige try muna namin kung okay tong 999 na 3mbps. kinabit xa ng Feb. 17, 2015 then we got the billing this march 9,2015. mas nasurprise ako dahil sa bill ko ay 3, 422. ano to ??? please explain sana.

  77. I don’t think pldt is okay. new kmi, ngbyad ng nstalatn fee, nanghingi p ng payment ung ngconect, nd yet 2 times na nwalan ng nternet and dial tone. 1 month plang kmi w ds dsl. So frustratng.

    • Bawal po ung nanghihingi ng installation fee yung nagconnect
      All transactions po are directly with plst online or thru pldt business office
      Contact pldt or go directly to their business office baka po bigus yung nagkabit.
      You can file a complaint

  78. Ano po bang process ng PLDT? Nagapply den ako online, tapos after about 2 weeks nakareceive ako ng text and email stating okay na ung application ko and I just need to pay the initial fee and modem. So, on the same day, punta agad ako sa PLDT center at nagbayad ng initial fee nilang 2300, then after more than a week nakareceive ako ng text saying hindi daw nila maiinstall dahil sa distance requirement?? Eh baket pa sila nanghingi ng initial fee kung hindi nmn pla kyang iinstall? Mageeffort pa ko ngaun habulin ung down ko..

  79. I paid 1,100 for the initial payment. My plan is My DSL plan 999 3mbps. I received a text that I should pay 1719.18 for initial fee??? What was that for? I’m confuse. Please reply. Thank you and Good evening.

  80. nice kami pldt home dsl plan 1299, internet + landline na sya
    nung una apply namin september grabe inabot ng almost 2 months saka lang sinasi samin na wala available facility sa area namin, pero nitong feb may pldt agent na nag alok samin nag apply ulit kami ayun after 2 weeks pumunta un installer kinabit na net namin

    basta may available facility sa area mo makakabitan ka pero kung wala papaasahin ka lang nila

    ID lang requirements namin

    • Hi Rannie, can I ask for the contact number of that pldt agent na tumulong sa inyo? I applied online kaso super tagal wala parin updates.. Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

    • hi i would like to ask. how much first payment bill mo? and may bukod din ba ang activation fee and installation? 1000 daw for activation and 600 for installation… hindi daw kasama sa 1299.. balak ko kumuha kayalang may narinig ako na first payment nila 3500k thata crazy.. hope to hear from u sana di sila nglagay ng 1299 sa fam if sa bill na darating bibiglain ka…. scary! lol

  81. Buti ka pa at madali yung s akin 2 weeks inabot wla p rin! PLDT plan 999 wireless. Pldt right now is quite slow in installing and repairing internet concerns!

      • I reapply again with different plan since ung Plan 999 wirepless nla have FUP 15GB per month lang hndi pla unlimited ito. Order this plan 1299 and hoping that they have available slots here in my area. πŸ™‚ Medyo mahirap na magapply ng Internet wired kung walang limit ang wireless nla mas okay sana but Pldt and Globe implement this pausong Fair Usage Policy. Luckily PLDT wired dsl dont have this policy kya kahit magdownload ng malaking files ok lang. πŸ™‚

  82. Hi Kim, I also work in oDesk. I just applied for the same exact plan that you applied to. Just wondering, though, how long did it take for them to install and get it all prepped up for use from the time you applied?

    • Yun lang I don’t think they have an option for online bank payment. They only accept credit cards in their website so I have no choice but to go to a PLDT Center or an SM branch to pay.

  83. We’ve been using PLDT Home DSL for years and I’ve been mostly happy about the connection. I only recently learned though that I can create an online account. So, I did that about a month ago. Now it’s so easy to see billing statements and other important stuff. πŸ™‚

  84. If I haven’t read this post I wouldn’t know that there is this thing oDesk Certificate of Earnings for freelancers ^-^ Going to check mine, thankie!

    Regards to the kids:)) Lapit na pasukan!

    • Last week ko lang din nalaman kasi nga naghahanap ako ng proof of income. Just go to Reports then click More Reports. You’ll see at the very bottom yung Certificate of Earnings. πŸ™‚

    • We use PLDT DSL at my mom’s house (been using it for almost a decade already!). It’s true what they say- their connection is strong and reliable. When we come over to visit, three laptops and about five mobile devices are connected at the same time pero okay pa rin yung speed. I like how fast they respond to connection issues as well. One time, when the connection acted up, I called them lang then the next day, one of their technicians came over to check on the line since they couldn’t fix it from their system. πŸ™‚ I feel positive that we will receive the same quality service in our own house.

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