Our Dancing Diva and the Talkative Boy

I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to and it’s all because I’ve been spending lots of time with the kids. I don’t know, but ever since I realized that my little girl is turning 2 in a few days, I started feeling like the kids are growing up too fast and that I’m running out of time with them. OA ba? But it’s true, that’s how I’ve been feeling so I try to spend as much time with them before they start going to school and before I start going to work. Yes, dear readers, I might start working away from home soon. I’m not very excited about it, but let’s leave that to another post.

I love being a work-at-home-mom because I get to spend the whole day with the kids. And the fun thing about spending the whole day with the kids is that I witness priceless moments. Here are a few clips that really made my week:

I have a feeling that our Princess is going to be a performer. She loves singing and dancing especially when she knows she has an audience.

Our Little Man is starting to be talkative like his big sister. For a while I thought he’d be different; that he’d be the quiet type. I was wrong. It looks like we have yet another talkative mini in the house.

Sometimes I wish our two little ones will never grow up. It’s so hard thinking of the day that we will have to let go of them and it’ll be just Daddy A and I. Hay!

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