Twilight Sparkle Cake by Baker Rae

The Princess’ My Little Pony Birthday Party

The Princess turned 4 last May. We didn’t really plan to host a party for her, but when we asked her to choose between swimming + zoo and a party, she willingly let go of the first choice. She hasn’t seen her friends from school the whole summer so her only request was to have a small My Little Pony birthday party with them at home.

This was two weeks before her birthday so imagine my panic! The truth is, I’m the worst at hosting a DIY party. Since we were hosting the party at home, I couldn’t pass on the decoration task to the venue/caterer. Thankfully, I have relatives and friends who willingly helped plan the party with us and even provided the props we need to truly make it a party for everypony.

I think the only preparation I did here is to buy a cake and reserve an ice cream cart for the guests. LOL! Excuse me ha. FYI, the guests enjoyed my two contributions! 😀

Anyway… I ordered the cake from Baker Rae. Twilight Sparkle is the Princess’ favorite pony so we had this cake made for her birthday party. Isn’t it cute?!

Twilight Sparkle Cake by Baker Rae

My mom prepared a simple lunch menu for the guests. We had spaghetti (of course), chicken lollipop, pork barbecue, Arjay’s Grilled Tilapia, and mechado.

Arjay and our friend Nikka did the venue set up–which is just pony-tastic! I cannot believe they were able to pull it off with the limited materials. Then again, these two have always been a good tandem for anything involving art and design.

my little pony birthday party setup

Everything we used in the sweets buffet–the jars, glass bottles, labels–were made by my cousin Ellen of Sugar Spice by Mogwai. She also made rainbow cupcakes and “magical” grape juice for the kiddies. I have to say, this buffet was a hit!

rainbow cupcakes

my little pony sweets buffet

The Princess’ lola also hired clowns because what’s a party without some entertainment, right? We sure were entertained by this duo!

my little pony birthday party

Most of the kids are English speakers kasi so na-challenge ang aming entertainers for that day. The result? Entertained kaming lahat. Haha!




The party lasted until late in the evening. We didn’t expect that a lot of guests will join us in our celebration, but we’re really happy that many of our friends and relatives came! The Princess says thanks! <3



18 thoughts on “The Princess’ My Little Pony Birthday Party”

  1. ruthalfonsoalarcon

    My girls are so into my little pony too! What’s with these horses, really?! 😀 Anyway, Belated Happy Birthday to your princess!

  2. Belated happy birthday to Kelly! She really does look like she had lots of fun. Sometimes nga mas fun pa yung small party lang diba? 🙂

  3. Hi Kim! First, happy birthday to your lovely daughter! Second, I love how organized naman your party! I love DIY, but DIY sometimes hates me hehehe. Di ako crafty! Also, I love the cake and everything! 🙂

    1. I thank my husband, mom and best friend for this. Haha! DIY hates me too. I’m known for being procrastinator when it comes to organizing my kids’ parties so they stepped in. Alam na nila eh! :))

  4. For one who claims to be a non-diy person, you pulled this off wonderfully. Your party is so colorful, such a feast to my eyes. Oh and cake is so pretty. Well done mommy, I am certain Kelly enjoyed her party.

  5. Soo cute 🙂 As long as the little one is happy, the parents are happy too, right? Belated happy birthday to your little one! 🙂

  6. milastolemyheart

    Belated happy birthday princess! My Mila is turning two soon. I think I’d consider that banig seating. Looks so comfy and relaxed.

    1. My mom just pulled that out from her magical baul of old (but still functional!) things from way, way back. LOL! I love her idea of using it as ‘seats’ for the minis during the magic show.

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