My Kid Just Said #10

Nail Art for Kids

I haven’t been spending a lot of time at home lately with lots of events and work-related out-of-the-house errands going on. The whole week has been very busy, so when I checked my calendar and realized that I’m free today, I scheduled girls-only time for The Princess in the afternoon and a quick eat-out with the Little Man in the evening.

I’m so happy because I recently discovered a nail “artist” that offers home service within our area. I haven’t tried tagging my girl along in nail salons in fear that she might cause havoc in a usually relaxed and quiet place so home service nail art is just perfect! This is The Princess’ first time so imagine her excitement!

As soon as the manicurista applied pink polish…

The Princess: Oh my goodness! It’s so pretty!

After her nails were “decorated”…

The Princess: Look Mommy! There are flowers on my nails!

After her nails dried up, I gave her a piece of paper and a pencil so she can draw while I was getting my nails done. I am actually very surprised because she can now draw faces with expressions. She knows how to draw a happy face, a sad face, an angry face. Daddy A, did you teach her that? Because I didn’t!

One of her drawings made me laugh real hard:

toddler drawing

Me: Oh! I like your drawing. Whose face is that?

The Princess: It’s Daddy Arjay! So fat!

Then she laughed for a good whole minute.

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