My Manila Hotel Tour
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The second stop of our My Manila Hotel Tour is the Honeymoon Suite. There are only two honeymoon suites in hotel: Sunrise and Sunset Suites. Each loft-type suite has a huge bedroom, a luxurious bathroom with a walk-in closet, living and dining areas, and a romantic view of Manila Bay.

Manila Hotel

The suite is perfect for couples who want to spend a luxurious (and romantic!) night in The Manila Hotel. You and your special someone can stay in this suite for more or less $600 a night, which is not bad with all the amenities available for your use.

Manila Hotel

Someday, Daddy A. Someday. LOL!

This is part 2 of my five-part series on the My Manila Hotel Tour. Read my other posts about the tour here.

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  1. A friend recently shared ang ganda daw ng Manila Hotel but I haven’t been there. Thanks to your posts, I get a sneak peek!

    1. If you’re going to visit/stay at the Manila Hotel, I think you can arrange a similar tour with them. :)

  2. We love staycations! You just gave me an idea on where to celebrate our next anniversary! I love the first photo!

  3. I love this tour. I’d love to stay here but unfortunately, I don’t have someone to honeymoon with, Plus the price is not in my range of staycation expenses. Haha. Poor me!

  4. I love hotels. I love the cleanliness and the comfort of it…nothing to worry about and a lot of opportunities to sleep, hehe. Hubby and I are approaching our 10th year before the month ends, sigh…but $600, perhaps a raffle? hehe

  5. Auuugh I looove staycations! They’re costly but a night of luxury! Goodness! The last time I stayed in Manila Hotel, I was probably 10 years old? I’ll try and convince the husband to take a staycation in the next months. Hopefully our budget will allow it!

  6. OMG, $600 a night! My hubby would have a heart attack. Haha! But, I can already imagine how luxurious those rooms really are. The price must be worth it!

    1. Well, it’s already a house in its own – hence the price! Haha! Loft-type eh, with a living room, dining area, and bedroom.

  7. Oh I remember you like old houses and antiques, right? I can imagine how much you wold enjoy staying in this hotel then. Me naman, since I’m a scaredy cat, I dunno if I’d be able to sleep haha!

    1. I was so kilig during the whole tour! Haha. I love that they preserved the history of the hotel.

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