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How to Request Termination of Service from PLDT

This post was originally written back in August 2015. I have updated the content in May 2019 when we submitted another termination of service from PLDT since there were changes to the process.

When we moved out of our apartment back in 2015, we went through the request of termination of service from PLDT since we no longer needed the line we had in the apartment. Back then, the whole process was purely online.

When we moved out of our condominium, we discovered that the request for PLDT line termination changed. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case now.

Steps to Terminate Your PLDT Line

Before requesting for PLDT line termination, make sure that all your bills are settled. They will not process your request if there are outstanding payments in your account.

It is also important to note that for the PLDT Disconnection Request to push through, you need to have finished your two-year contract and you did not apply for any recent upgrades (i.e. Telpad add-on, FamCam, etc).

If you are unsure about when your two-year contract ended and if you had any recent upgrades, call 171. The customer service representative will be able to help you find that information.

Once you have settled all your outstanding balances, head over to the nearest PLDT branch and submit a letter of request to terminate your account.

You can find a fillable and downloadable letter of request here.

Aside from your letter of request, make sure you have two government-issued IDs with you as the customer service representative will need those to verify if you are indeed the account holder.

Aside from your request for termination of service from PLDT, bring with you your telephone unit and modem. You need to surrender both for the request to move forward.

Once you surrender these items, they will provide an acknowledgment receipt that these items have been returned to PLDT. Make sure you keep that receipt – just in case!

As I was speaking with PLDT’s customer representative, she urged me to just transfer my existing line to our new place. If you’re looking into transferring your line instead of disconnecting, I have an article about that below.

READ: PLDT Transfer Address Step by Step

But since I already have an existing PLDT line in the house we moved into, I pushed through with the disconnection.

Please note that this website and its owner are not connected to PLDT. If you have any concerns, it is best to request support through the correct channels.

Click here to see the list of ways to contact PLDT Customer Service.

101 thoughts on “How to Request Termination of Service from PLDT”

  1. Hello good day!
    Ms. Kimberly Reyes I have concern regarding po sa PLDT. I just want to know kung magpapaterminate po ba ako ang babayaran ko po ba ay ung remaining months na hindi ko nabayaran sa loob ng 36 months na contract? And I already called 171 and I just need some responds about po dito mam. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi maam,

    Just wanna ask if how much usually po yung payment for termination fee? Yung papa ko po kasi nagpakabit ng PLDT a month ago for our work from home set up but eventually, we are back in the office na since nakabitan na kami and my mom wants to terminate our connection to PLDT can I possible to terminate it if it is only last for 1 month ? or how much the termination fee if possible ? Thank you in advance.

    1. Good evening! Unfortunately po, I can’t remember how much the termination fee was since this post was back in 2015. The best place to get the answer is from PLDT. You can call them or visit a branch. They will provide termination details.

  3. Ask ko lang kasi tapos na ung 3 years namin sa pldt then nag renew kami then gusto sana naman ipaputol na ung PLDT HOMEBRO ULTERA namin

  4. Hi mom,
    Meron po bang additional termination fee pag nag settle ng remaining balance for termination of my PLDT account? Tapos na po ang lock in period ng account ko, pero meron pa akong babayaran na outstanding balance. Ang main concern ko po ay kung meron bang additional termination fee. Hindi po kasi nasabi nung agent na nag entertain sa akin sa 171, then ang hirap pong kumontak sa kanila ulit, halos naubos buong maghapon ko sa kakacontak sa kanila.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sa pagkakaintindi ko, pag tapos na ang lock-in period, wala nang termination fee. You still need to pay the outstanding balance. The best way to confirm though is to call them or visit their branch. Wag tayong mag-assume kasi hindi natin kabisado ang policies nila.

  5. Ask ko lng po kung meron ba ibang paraan para ma close/terminate ang account thru online? Cebu is under ECQ kasi, and mahirap kami makalabas2x and parang close na yung mga offices. Nakalipat na kasi kami ng bahay and need namin ipa terminate yung account namin sa previous address para hinde na mag continue yung bill.

    1. Hi John. I was able to close mine online. However, this was a few years ago. I’m not sure if this is still an available option. My advice is to call them and find out how you can close your account. They will help you out.

  6. We’ve been on PLDT since we moved for 7 years. And yes their service absolutely sucked. Our internet is down for about 2 weeks now without any response and action from them and its greatly affecting our work from home so we decided to terminate our contract and apparently we can request for termination via messenger as advised by their customer service operators. I asked them how to and this is their response:

    “Hi Godfrey, you need settle remaining balance as of May 16 cut-off and you can send an authorization letter signed by the account holder copy of payment rcpt with his ID and your Id as representative via messenger.”

          1. Hi! Just wanna ask, where can i pay the termination fee? Kakatapos ko lang kausapin yung rep nila, but i forgot to ask kung saan ko babayaran. Also ask ko na din po, should i send ba muna yung requirements for termination, or should i pay the termination fee first? Thank you!

  7. Hi po. Do you know if it is possible to terminate our Ultera plan if I am not the account holder? My sister is the account holder but she is based abroad now.

    1. Usually, you’ll need an authorization letter from the account owner. The best thing to do, however, is to reach out to PLDT support so they can give you a list of requirements for termination if you’re not the account owner. I hope that helps!

  8. edwin marcelo

    Hi mom,
    Im almost 5 years subcriber of pldt home ultera can you give me an advice and what procedure i can do to terminate it?only my unsettled bill will i pay?and there is a termination charge?thank you and i appreciate your reply

  9. I am having no luck connecting to anybody at PLDT. The 171 number doesn’t give you the option to talk to a person. I sent numerous FB messages to PLDT Home but all went unread. I also tried to send a service ticket, but regardless of what you select, nothing is available. I also emailed customercare@pldt.com.ph and received an autoresponse saying:

    ‘Thanks for your e-mail.
    This e-mail address is no longer available. Please send us a message with your concern and account details via direct message at our PLDT Home Facebook Page or Twitter @PLDT_Cares.
    You can also download the PLDT Home app from the Google Play Store or Apple store so you can check your bill, manage your account, file a service ticket and more. You may also call our Customer Service Hotline at 171.’

    What a joke! It’s like they ceased to exist! But I betcha they will be relentless in running after unpaid bills.

    I am leaving the country in a couple of days so the only thing I can do is ask my brother to handle this for me. I did pay the one-time No Lock-Up fee of P4,500 because I knew my stay here was shorter than 2 years. And I will stop paying once I disconnect the router. There better not be problems later on. Haaayz.

          1. Hello! In my experience, they refund days when services are down provided that you reported it to them (you have a reference number). I have received refunds before because all days when internet was down were reported and documented.

            However, I’m not sure if they can waive the termination fee.

  10. Hi. Ask ko lang po kung gaano katagal yung disconnection nila from the day na nasend yung Letter to Request Termination? Thank you.

  11. Please can OFFER your advise and or opinion and what recourse with PLDT?
    We had PLDT high speed internet and wanted to transfer services to our new home, however PLDT DOES NOT provide services to that area and PLDT sent technicians and said it was NOT possible.
    Afterwards we were told by PLDT representive we would only be liable for services up to the date we moved since they could not give us service at out new location…
    3 months later PLDT now is asking us to pay off the remaining balance…
    Had about 1 year left on 3 year contract.
    Please can you advise us Mom On Duty as to what or any recourse we may have?
    Brian and Alma

    1. Hi Brian and Alma, unfortunately, I think that’s one of their terms and conditions if you don’t complete the contract. 🙁 When we transferred to a new home, we had our service moved there to avoid paying before-end-of-term fees. Luckily for us, they service the area we transferred too so we didn’t have any problems. That’s as much as I can share. Perhaps try working something out with PLDT directly? Baka pumayag naman na i-waive na?

    2. I have the same problem with SkyBroadband mine was waived becoz they can’t provide service on that area… But before it was waived they asked me to pay 7kphp which I didn’t use so they also send a letter of demand from an attorney, how I settled? I pass the letter of demand on NTC and that is how they waived those fees that I didn’t used… NTC will schedule a hearing for you in their office and will ask for a representative on their part. Sky didn’t want to undergo that process since they are obliged to pay 24k penalty to the government for nonservice.

  12. Hi. i have a PLDT fibr plan bundled with landline. Would you know if i can request for termination of the fibr only but retain the landline?


  13. Cesar Purugganan

    Hi Mom,

    I want to terminate my Ultera subscription, I guess we are on a new lock in period. Reason is that service has stopped, we reported this more than a month ago, no support person comes over after 3 appointments, last 1 was yesterday. Been to their office twice and they reasoned out that it was because they do not have enough support people anymore – Good reason to terminate service and find a better one but is this a valid reason to terminate contract without having to pay the pre-termination fee? Can we ‘not pay’ for already more than one month of no service?

    1. Hello Cesar. Unfortunately, I can’t answer this for you since I’m not from PLDT. But you can add this to your termination request. Perhaps they will consider it since the issue is on their end.

      1. Hi Cesar.

        I have the same problem and im wondering if you were able to terminate your contract without having to pay the pre-termination fee?

  14. Hi Kim, I do have an iPhone plan 30 months in contract since July 2017. I assume that after 30th month of payment my bill will end as well as the agreement would be automatically terminated since I’ve paid bills for 2yrs and six months. However, this month, I receive a bill from PLDT stated that I need to pay my monthly bill. How could it be possible? Well, the plan I subscribe was not yet fully terminated by PLDT since I can still access (call & txt and use of data). What am I suppose to do?

  15. hi! am out of 3-year lock down period and thinking of having my account terminated due to slow and intermittent connection, but i was told by the PLDT customer service that i need to pay the termination fee of P500.00? is there really a fee? and to think lagi pa akong advance payment in my monthly billing.

    1. Hi Ice, I was out of the lock-down when I asked our line to be terminated. I don’t remember being asked to pay for a termination fee. They just asked me to return the phone and wifi modem.

  16. Hi mom Kimberly, im a student and Im planning to transfer or change location yun pldt namin as soon as possible..hopefully 3rd week of June before my summer class start though more than a month palang po ako gumagamit. What is the best thing i should do po? Do i have to pay anything about the change location?Thank you & Godbless

      1. Shaina Mae santos

        I just want to ask, is there any way they could offer payment arrangement for the re termination fee? Which is 3x the monthly fee?

  17. Hi ! What if I’ll move the service to the new address and by chance happened that PLDT is not available in my new address. Do I still need to pay for an early termination fee?


  18. Hi Kim b4 the lock in period expired Pldt called us na my libreng tablet kmi kasi valued customer kmi at we pay on time daw nalaman nlng nmin na naka tied up uli kmi for another 2yrs.
    Panloloko ginawa sa amin.
    Pwede ba ipaterminate e2?

    1. They offered the same thing to us, but we didn’t agree to get the tablet after asking many questions sa salesperson na tumawag. Unfortunately, once you accept it, locked in ka ulit. I’m not sure if there’s a way around it, but maybe you can go to the branch and ask about it.

    2. Had the same experience. Those addtl 2 years was a pain since the Internet speed is the same for quite a alot of money from the last 4 years. Huhuhu

  19. Hi Kimberly, This is helpful. Just wanna ask, if i’m already out of the lock-in period, do i still need to pay the termination fees?

  20. Hi Kim

    Thank you for your helpful blog. I filed for TOL too but still i got billed for another month. Did the same happen to you ? My cut off was 28th of the month and we filed on the 31st of the month. Any info would help. Really troublesome without the 171 helpline. Thank you very much

    1. Hi Kim,

      What plan did you get? Is the 2500 termination fee the standard fee? When I went to PLDT they said that the termination fee is the cost of your monthly fee x 3 months if you were not able to finish the 2 year contract/lock-in period.

  21. I had problem with pldt regarding upgrading, after upgrading to fibr, my ultera still genarate bills, now im having multiple account. Akala ko automatic na yun upon upgrading, why they use the term upgrade tapos mgkakaroon lng pala ako multiple account.

    1. Richel Garcia

      Hi, What If ayaw ko na talaga magpareconnect and 6months lang ako sa service nila. What to do?

  22. hello bakit kelangan ng pre termination? sory but nore sure kasi sa rules nila.umabot kami ng 1 yr. ok lang ba wala ng termination request?

  23. di ba parang fraud yon kasi di ka naman oaoa terminate oaoa transfer ka lang ng line dba parang nang sscam ang PLDT dto

    1. If you read the whole post, this is about termination of line. Meaning, you’re not going to keep the line. I have a different post about line transfer, which I did for a different account.

  24. Hi. I want my line to be transferred as well and lock in period will end on Jan 2019. As per the agent aside from the P1,100.00 transfer fee mag rerefresh din yung contract. Which I dont think is fair bec I really wanted to finish the 2year lock in period so that I wont be needing to pay for the termination fee which is 3 times of my monthly bill. 🙁 and per the terms and conditions its not indicated.

  25. Hi! Just went to a PLDT business office and terminate my line. Yep, all I did was submit my letter of request for termination and copy of my valid ID. Unfortunately, they just told me to just wait until the account or line has been fully closed. No reference number provided or like guarantee to me that they will close the account. I mean, no trail. I just need to know how will I know if my account has been closed already.

    So maybe I will just wait for few weeks.

  26. Are they really quick about transferring service? We will be moving to a new location in 6 months, but would like to start a connection now.

  27. Hi, Good day ma’am Kimberley Reyes!
    Thanks for sharing. Ask lang po if nkapagbayad kapa ng x3 of your monthly bill? Or just the termination fee lang which is 2,500?

      1. hello po, mag 2 week na po fiber namin sa pldt ang bagal balak ko pa terminate na 2500 po ba yun babayaran ko?

  28. Thank you for this. This is pretty helpful. We actually moved out already and I haven’t had the line cut yet as we thought it would be automatic. Will let you know if I succeed!

  29. Magkano po kaya termination fee? kase ipapaterminate ko na sana yung additional plan dun sa dating plan. Ang sabi ng pldt representative kelangan bayaran yung termination fee which is 2,500 at yung remaining months at meron pa device cost. I don’t think kung dapat eto talaga bayaran kase sobrang laki po bayaran para lang sa termination.

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