If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen hundreds of photos (and videos) of my little ones. I don’t mean to annoy you with their selfies… I just love capturing moments before my little ones grow up so that when Daddy A and I grow old, we will have memories we can go back to.

Daddy A always tells me that I should have the photos printed out so we will have actual copies that we can browse through. But, photos captured with a phone are not as nice as the ones taken through a camera (resolution-wise), so we never got around to actually printing them out.

Then the idea of getting a family portrait came to mind. That’s when I found Le Petit Studio Manila, a Makati-based studio that offers prenuptial, predebut and family shoots. The studio has more than 10 themed walk-on sets and tons of props to choose from. So whether you want a classy or elegant feel to your photos or would rather go for a whimsical or hip theme, Le Petit Studio Manila has it!

While Daddy A and The Little Man love getting photographed, The Princess and I are the complete opposite–we are very shy in front of the camera. I swear, I don’t know how to pose nor do I know how to use ‘angles’ so I’d look good in pictures. Oh, how I look awkward in photos!

But, our shoot with Le Petit Studio Manila didn’t turn out that way at all! I love how the photographer allowed us to do our own thing, which resulted to natural-looking photos. I love that instead of choreographing each shot, they just captured the moment. I also love how well their team handled our two kids who kept crawling and running around the place. :D

Le Petit Studio Manila

Le Petit Studio Manila

Le Petit Studio Manila


Now, onto the fun part (many thanks to Le Petit Studio Manila)

Do you also want to have a family shoot with Le Petit Studio Manila? This is your chance to get a pictorial with them for FREE! Simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below.

And the lucky winner of the free family photo shoot with Le Petit Studio Manila is…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tell your friends about it and earn more entries!

You have until 12nn of October 1 to respond to my e-mail, Monnette!

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  2. Aww sad :(
    Better luck next time to me.

  3. Super dreaming of this kind of photo shoot. Hope me and my family given a chance.. :”)

  4. My Grandson loves taking pictures so, him experiencing this kind of photo shoot will be a first for him and I think that this will be one of the things that he will never forget,, #Goodlucktome Im Really Hoping to win this time hehe!! Godbless you!!

  5. Hope to win!

  6. Joining.,I want to win.because my tot’s never had a photoshoot ever since.

  7. My nephew will enjoy I hope we’ll win!!! Ive never won on giveaways like this I hope this will be my first!!! ^^

  8. Good morning :) I hope to win this Photo shoot, we never had a photo shoot ever ;( ;) Hope this would be mine :) *fingers crossed*

  9. I really Adore your Family.. Such a beautiful faces :)

    Hope to have our own photoshoot also with my loving family.. Para may maganda namang maidisplay sa house :)

    1. Thank you. :) Good luck with the giveaway!

  10. Hope to win! I really loves photo’s specially memories with my baby boy :)
    Thank you for this opportunity! God Bless and More Power!

  11. Good Day! I joined.. Hope to win1 Thank you for this opportunity!!

  12. Joining! Never been try to take family pictures from studio! Wanna win =)

  13. Your children are goooorgeous! I think I am going to enter!

    1. Thanks, Quannie! And good luck. :)

  14. i really want to win this! hahaha it’s been a long time when my family had our last studio pic. my sister was not yet born that time, and take note, she’s now 11 years old. hahaha :D

    1. Hi Dovi! Wow, that’s a long time! :)) Keep sharing to earn more entries, good luck!

  15. First time to join your giveaway:)

    1. Thanks Mai! Keep sharing on Facebook and Twitter so you can earn more entries. Good luck!

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