Bedtime Essentials Part I: We’re Sleeping Better! (Giveaway Closed)

The Little Man Taking A Nap

Getting enough sleep is important especially for us moms because it allows us to think clearly, function properly, and keep ourselves and our little ones safe. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get a good night’s rest, I wake up grumpy, lazy, and adrift. It usually lasts the whole day (unless I get a chance to take a power nap) and that’s not good because I always drive around with the minis when I do errands. We already have two tantrum-throwing minis around so hindi na ako pwede makisabay! 😀

This is why Arjay and I made it a mission to make our bedroom conducive for sleep. For one, we made it a no-gadget zone so there’s no television inside and we’re not allowed to take our mobile phones and tablets inside. We also made our bed extra comfortable so that when it’s time to sleep, we’ll surely doze off to dreamland before we even start counting sheep.

As in ha, the minis are now asleep by 9! No more going around the bed trying to find the most comfy spot. No more whining because “It’s too hot!” And when I come up to join them in their slumber after work, I always fall asleep right away.

We don’t have a bed frame nor a comfy mattress yet since we’re using the sofabed we’ve taken around with us to Arjay’s different assignments as our bed. Sofabeds are okay for naps, but sleep overnight on it and you’ll end up with an aching back and a stiff neck. I seriously cannot believe how we slept on that sofabed for over a year!

Thankfully, we found a few items that turned our sofabed from a bed from hell into a sleep haven! This is how we set up our bed:

Uratex Foam Philippines Bedtime Essentials

On top of our sofabed, we added Uratex Foam‘s Bio-Aire Mattress Pad. Our sofabed is ultra-soft (as in you sink when you lay on it too long LOL), so we got this bed accessory to make our bed firmer. It made a HUGE difference!

Bio-Aire Mattress Pad has a convoluted shape which prevents and helps heal skin ulcers, eliminates bed sores, reduces pressure pains, allows air to flow and prevents your body from becoming too hot during sleep. Its peaks provide softness and comfort while its hollows provide passageway for air to pass through.

Since we have one mini who still drinks milk from a bottle before he goes to sleep and another one who is currently potty training, we got a Slumber Care Mattress Protector. It’s waterproof, breathable, PVC-free, and hard-wearing. There is also the Slumber Care Pillow Protector, which of course, we got too!

To complete our comfy bedtime experience, we now use Senso Memory® Traditional Pillows. Our new pillows are absolutely amazing! I’m a side sleeper so I always wake up with a stiff neck or ngalay na shoulders. Arjay, on the other hand, sleeps on his belly so he also needs a pillow that isn’t too hard but isn’t soft enough na tipong lubog na mukha niya when he wakes up in the morning. Haha! Our solution? Senso Memory® pillows!

Uratex Foam’s Senso Memory® line “conforms to the shape of your body which relieves you from pressure and stress. It is made from visco-elastic foam – the remarkable temperature-sensitive material noted as the finest and most advanced in the world.” This line has a mattress and all sorts of pillows for different needs.

And because I know all my lovely mommy (and daddy!) readers only deserve the best accessories for a good night’s rest, Uratex Foam Philippines and I will be giving away one (1) Senso Memory® Cervical Pillow to a loyal reader!

Uratex Foam Senso Memory Pillow

The Senso Memory® Cervical Pillow’s curved design is perfect for back and side sleepers. It is known to relieve the neck and shoulders from ngalay and aches. It also helps ease the breathing airways, which reduces sleep apnea and snoring. I better get this for Arjay, too!


  • No purchase is necessary to join this giveaway.
  • This is open to participants 18 years old and above who are residing in Metro Manila and certain parts of Greater Manila area such as Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal only.
  • Contest period is from 12:01 pm of June 18 to 11:59 pm of July 2, 2014.
  • The winner will be selected through a good ‘ol hat draw.
  • The price is one (1) Senso Memory® Cervical Pillow, which will be delivered to the winner’s home  by Uratex Foam Philippines.


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59 thoughts on “Bedtime Essentials Part I: We’re Sleeping Better! (Giveaway Closed)”

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  2. Great giveaway! It’s so perfect for my hubby now. He’s currently suffering from a lumbar strain. So his back and right leg are constantly painful and he has trouble walking. He’s doing therapy already but the pillow will surely help a lot!

  3. Nako, one thing I am not cheap on is investing on a good bed to sleep on at night! We slept on a Uratex foam mattress for a good 3 months while our room was being renovated and I must say, it did the job naman. I eventually got used to how the foam is firm after a few days of backache. Eh now we’re back to a spring mattress naman, I miss the firmness of the foam!

  4. How much is the Uratex Foam’s Bio-Aire Mattress Pad and the Slumber Care Mattress Protector? I think I badly need the latter ‘coz of urine leaks and milk spillage. Thanks Mommy Kim! I’d love to join your giveaway but I’m too far away

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