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Kimberley Reyes | Certified OBM

Do you often find yourself working long hours, missing out on weekends, and skipping vacations altogether because there are just so-many-things you need to get done in your business?

Do you feel like your business can grow immensely if only you have an extra pair of hands (and another brain) to help you manage and scale it?

I’ll help you get out of the hustle so you can step into your CEO shoes.

I offer Online Business Management for leaders, change makers, and organizations in the business of improving lives. I help create systems so you can work less inside your business and actually work on growing it to its full potential.

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Let's get you in those CEO shoes.

You want to be known as a leader in your field.

You want to make a bigger impact.

But you're too busy doing all the things.

You're both the manager and doer in your business and it's taking so much of your time and energy.

How can we work together?

Online Business Management

As your in house Online Business Manager, I will work inside your business to ensure your operations run smoothly and that your team is taken care of. We will also work together in regularly evaluating your operations so we can find gaps and implement improvements to enhance the way your business operates.

Sounds like something you need? I make sure I only work with clients who are ready and willing to be supported. Fill out the form below to give me an insight about your business.

Systems Strategy Session (OBM On Demand)

The Systems Strategy Session is meant to help you establish systems in your business so you can create more time and space for business development and self-care ​OR you can use this time to discuss your team hiring strategy.

Virtual Assistant Services

You have your business operations sorted and all you need is a workforce to ensure all gears are turning.

Tap into my pool of skilled virtual assistants who can support you in all areas of your business – admin, design, video editing, website support, content creation, and more!

Fill out the form to give me an idea about the kind of support you need and if it’s something we can deliver.

Systemize + Scale Your Business Templates

Are you just starting out and looking into creating systems for your business to get it set up for growth? Grab my Systemize and Scale Your Business templates to get everything you need to get organized in your business so you can make room for growth.

Introducing my Online Business Management and Implementation services.


A 60-minute Kickoff Strategy Call with Kimberley Reyes and your Dedicated Project Manager, which is your opportunity to lay everything on the table so we know which areas in your business you want to improve, how you think your team and projects can best be managed, what systems you need.

Online Business Management Services include:
– Project Management
– Team Management and Recruitment
– Systems Building
– Creating SOPs
– Monitoring Metrics and Analytics
– Market Research

Implementation Services include:
– Creating Autoresponders and Sales Pages
– Planning Marketing Campaigns
– Website Design and Maintenance
– Graphics Design

On The House:
– Weekly Progress Reports
– A copy of the Do or Delegate Chart

kimberley reyes


With over ten years of experience as a Virtual Assistant Agency owner, a certification as an Online Business Manager from the International Association of Online Business Managers, and a passion for supporting entrepreneurs in the online space, Kimberley started Kimberley Reyes & Co, a full-service virtual support company.

Kimberley and her team are all about providing premium services to entrepreneurs so they can get out of the weeds and focus on what they do best in their business – creating offers, supporting their clients, and building relationships.

Outside of client projects, Kimberley is also busy raising four little humans with her husband.

"Kim is excellent at following up. She understands our project management platform very well, which helps me out and I know I can rely on her."
Farita Toney
CEO, Type My Docs

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