Introducing… The Super Minis!

I wrote in a couple of posts that A and I have been limiting the minis’ screen time and encouraging them to really play. I’d like to think that we’ve succeeded in lessening our kids’ screen-dependence after almost two weeks of strict monitoring. The minis have been so into pretend play in the past few days. They pretend to be doctors, pirates, even animals! Today, they both agreed to be superheroes. To complete the superhero pretend game, The Princess assigned superhero titles for her and her little brother.

First up is…

Pretend play with The Amazing Kelly

The Princess likes using clothes and hats for her costume and her favorite line is: “1, 2, 3, blast off!” Being the big sister, she directs their pretend play. The Amazing Kelly can fly and have magical ice powers. #FrozenFan

Captain Caleb, on the other hand, can move really fast and has a super fast superhero car. Unfortunately, it’s not spacious enough for a growing super baby so he tends to get stuck in it…

Pretend play with Captain Caleb

They’ve been playing the roles of The Amazing Kelly and Captain Caleb since this morning. They never run out of missions, I tell ya! There is always a toy that needs The Super Minis’ help!

Today’s pretend play with the super minis has left the house extra messy, but I let them play anyway. I like how their pretend games excite their imagination and get them moving. Good for the brain, good for the body! Their make-up stories and adventures are very amusing, too, so that’s free entertainment for me. Hehe!

I have a feeling that I’ll be seeing more pretend play ‘themes’ in the coming days since the minis are so into it. I wonder what adventure they will go on next?

5 thoughts on “Introducing… The Super Minis!”

    1. Yep! While some parents see it as some sort of dictatorship (haha!), I’d like to believe that it truly has good effects on the kids. Since they don’t rely on tv and gadgets for entertainment at this young age, they tend to be more creative and imaginative during play time.

      1. I did try this on myself. Hahaha. When I was waiting for E. I brought a tiny notebook and I tried soooo hard not to pull out my phone. I found myself writing several essays, ang galing.

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