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How To Teach Mindfulness To Kids

Mindfulness is a daily practice I have been doing for quite some time. It has helped me focus and get things done in a manner that is aligned with my why. The practice came very handy when the pandemic started as it kept my focus intact and encouraged resilience. It's…


Ava’s Christening and Unicorn-themed Birthday Party

A lot of plans were put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our plan to celebrate Kelly's birthday in Taiwan was replaced by a simple house party (that we still all enjoyed). Ava's christening was also pushed back until General Community Quarantine was announced. We decided to have her…


Making Reading Fun For Kids

Are you looking for ways to encourage reading and make reading fun for kids? A few weeks back, we got to try the scripts from Tiny Theatre. The minis and I had so much fun reading through the scripts. And the best part? They were learning new words and improving…