We’re getting better!

Hello there! How are you all doing? It’s been a while since I last updated the blog. That’s because a virus decided to hang out in our house and infected us one after the other. The Princess was the first one to catch the cold. I’m thinking it’s because of the sudden change in the … Read more We’re getting better!

And the battle with the flu begins…

The past two weeks have been extremely challenging. Last week, I flew to Singapore to meet a new client for a series of photo shoots and write ups for their business. I came home feeling sick and tired because of our long work days (and nights). But, as much as I wanted to rest, I … Read more And the battle with the flu begins…

Battling the flu… again.

Daddy A rarely gets sick. And when he does get sick, everyone else will surely catch the virus. This is why I try my best to keep the family, especially Daddy A, at the top of their health. Unfortunately, illnesses cannot always be prevented. If you watched the news last week, you probably know about … Read more Battling the flu… again.

How To Care For A Toddler With The Flu

Yesterday, I woke up with Kelly tucked under my arms. I felt her forehead and knew right then that there was something wrong. I took her temperature — she had a fever. Later that day, she started coughing and I noticed that she has a runny nose too. She has the flu. What is the … Read more How To Care For A Toddler With The Flu