TRAVEL GUIDE: Romblon and Boracay

Romblon and Boracay 2016

As soon as summer started, our family went into non-stop sickness each week. One week the minis would be down with the colds, the next week it would be my turn, then it would be A’s turn. This went on for weeks and by the second week of April, we found ourselves all very sick. … Read moreTRAVEL GUIDE: Romblon and Boracay

Are all milks the same?

Is your child #LakingAmazing?

After the Little Man weaned from breastfeeding a few weeks after his second birthday, I found myself scrambling to find a replacement. Although he eats solids like a champ already, I believe that milk is still essential for his growing bones. Have you ever found yourself in the grocery store, wondering what kind of milk … Read moreAre all milks the same?