Is working at home with kids possible?

I often ask myself if I can really make working at home with kids, well, work. There are times when The Minis become so difficult that I’d start thinking of quitting my work at home career and be a SAHM instead — perhaps I’d be less stressed if I don’t need to split my time … Read more Is working at home with kids possible?

A Benefit Concert + Giveaway! -closed-

How’s everyone doing? Okay. I know I said I’d have this giveaway up by last weekend, but since I haven’t been feeling well (again — I swear, the colds just keep coming back to me!), I had to delay posting the Blog Anniversary Giveaway I promised. Now that The Minis are taking their afternoon nap … Read more A Benefit Concert + Giveaway! -closed-

Mom On Duty Goes to Blogapalooza 2013

Whew! As I wrote in last Saturday’s Happiness Project post, my day was super busy. One of the events I went to is Blogapalooza 2013! I can’t believe that I only joined Blogapalooza this year. I’ve been blogging for years already, but I never knew about it! Thanks for letting me know, Denise! 😀 Anyway. … Read more Mom On Duty Goes to Blogapalooza 2013 turns 1!

WOW! I can’t believe it’s been one year since I launched! Thank you, my dear readers, for supporting my blog! Your comments, private messages, shares and likes really mean heaps to me. That’s why I promise to give extra effort to bring quality content to you guys. Nag-blogging workshop na nga ako, diba! Hehehe. … Read more turns 1!