The Scary Part of Parenthood: Breath-holding Spells

The Little Man’s 4th month was a tough one for Daddy A and I. That was the time when he was just learning to turn on his belly. Unlike his older sister, though, he had a hard time turning his body around. This frustrated him. A lot. He’d scream and cry to the top of his … Read moreThe Scary Part of Parenthood: Breath-holding Spells

A Weekend in Tagaytay

The City of Tagaytay is one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations. One, because of the cool climate and scenic views. And two, because of its proximity from Manila. Last Friday, the family and I decided to go on a weekend trip. We packed our bags and drove to — no other than — … Read moreA Weekend in Tagaytay

Old School Blogging, June: My A-Z

Before I created my own blog, I was already following mommy blogs like Spanish Pinay and Lines From The Wire. I had so much fun reading their posts about their little ladies that I just had to create a blog of my own — where I can document my little one’s milestones. I only started blogging back in 2011 … Read moreOld School Blogging, June: My A-Z

An Afternoon at Manila Ocean Park

Holy guacamole! How long has it been since my last Travel Tuesday? One month?! We have been so busy preparing for our move that I forgot to update this weekly travel post. We haven’t been going out lately so allow me to recycle this post from my previous blog, Coffee With Kim. I originally posted … Read moreAn Afternoon at Manila Ocean Park

Greenbelt + Food Trip and Shopping

Because we have been so busy with work and Daddy A’s move to his new assignment, we decided to bring the kids to Greenbelt for a food trip and an overdue shopping spree. The kids are getting bigger already and they’re popping out of most of their clothes so it was really time for a … Read moreGreenbelt + Food Trip and Shopping