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Princess Twirl

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1 – The Little Man and The Princess enjoying play time with just two stuffed toys they chose from their toy box
2 – The Princess pretending to be a Snow Queen
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In the past weeks, I’ve been wondering where I fit in this world. This is so emo, I know, but I’ve really been thinking about it. I don’t feel a connection with my side of the family. I haven’t bonded with them for the longest time, and I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon because of the circumstances. I feel left out among the other mommies I know (I’m not sure why, maybe because most of the moms I know have “mommy barkadas” already – I’m not part of any). And when I met with my college friends last week, I felt out of place. Probably because they are still in party mode, while I am way past it. Well, I was never into it in the first place. Trying to figure out what I’m good at – something that when talked about, I will be the first person that others will remember – isn’t helping.

I really don’t know why I’m thinking about fitting in. I even find myself feeling sad about it and that’s just crazy!

I only got myself out of it when I remembered how much The Little Man clings to me and how The Princess would proudly shout “Bravo!” when I play a song for them. I realized there’s no need to worry and feel sad about not belonging because I do have a place in this world where I fit perfectly in… my little ones’ hearts. I don’t need to work extra hard to please them to feel and be accepted because we effortlessly click. Why I didn’t realize that earlier, I don’t know. Like I said, it’s crazy!

I may raise my voice when they become uncontrollable and would confiscate their toys when they’re fighting, but in the minis’ eyes, I am doing a great job as their mom and that there is no other place that I fit best in but in their company. I know because I feel it: in their hugs, kisses and genuine I love you‘s. I know because it is when I am with them that I feel most myself.

I am not a loner after all.

3 thoughts on “Today”

    1. Mga bagay na naiisip ko! Haha. I can’t help it. Sunud-sunod kasi ang mga get-togethers na napuntahan ko, all of which I felt out of place. D: Kaya namimiss ko na rin ang camel talks natin. I can’t wait to meet Camille in person!

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