The Trickster Baby: Our Little Man’s Poop Facial

Out of the two Minis, the trickster baby has got to be The Little Man. I mean, The Princess can be a handful, but she doesn’t do naughty tricks. She likes drawing on walls, bed sheets and even on our faces–but that’s about it.

The Little Man? Well, if there is such a thing as a ‘Naughty Or Nice’ gauge, he’d trip the gauge off. LOL. As in, ang dami niyang kalokohan at just ten months!!!

As I wrote in my previous posts, I am feeling under the weather. I have a headache that’s killing me so I try to get as much shuteye as I possibly can. I found an opportunity to rest earlier today when The Princess was still asleep and The Little Man was quietly playing with his toys beside me. It didn’t take long until I fell into deep slumber.

Then I heard The Little Man giggling while making small circles on my face with his finger. “What’s so funny?” I asked him. He smiled, stopped and showed his finger. I couldn’t make out what the gooey stuff on his finger was. “What’s that smell?” I thought to myself. That’s when it hit me. The Little Man dropped a bomb and painted my cheek with it.

Holy crap.

I immediately stood up and took him to the bathroom to give him, and myself, a good scrub. I swear, he’s super naughty! He kept giggling while I was going on and on about why he should not have done that.

I guess he thought Mommy needs to be reminded about catching up on facials. That was one hell of a reminder!

Image from http://oilersnation.com

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