The Princess sings “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”

The Princess hasn’t gotten over her Frozen addiction. She watches the movie (or watches videos of it on YouTube) everyday and continues to play pretend with her brother (who willingly plays as Olaf). She has required her dad and I to memorize songs – especially Princess Anna and Prince Hans’ duet, Love Is An Open Door.

She memorized all the songs as well for days when Daddy is not around, so that she and I can do the duets. Her favorite, however, is young Anna’s solo:

Feel na feel, right? That’s how she performs every time Frozen is on. She gives it her all! I’m glad that she lets me record her performances, though. She used to hate having a camera on her face. 😀

Is your kid a Frozen fan, too? What’s his/her favorite song?

5 thoughts on “The Princess sings “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?””

    1. Kelly used to hate it when I would film her. But then she realized how entertaining she is (she laughs at herself!) so now she lets me record her performances. 😀

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