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How To Start Working From Home

What is a Virtual Assistant?

As many of you already know, I work from anywhere--not just from home! It's an amazing set up for me because my husband's work requires him to move from one town/city to another. Since my work can be done from anywhere, it's easy for us to move around with him.…


Is a bad client better than no client at all?

I have been "working in freedom" for almost ten years now and I bet even my closest friends are still wondering if I am actually earning enough to support our family. I know you are thinking it! I know because I do not really give full details of what I do…


How To Be Your Own Boss This Year

The new year is here! It’s the best time to be optimistic about what’s to come — if you’re a mom, the new year brings more opportunities to take better hold of your life but the positive change must start with you. How To Be Your Own Boss: Top tips…