How You Can Instill Confidence In Your Child

It’s not easy being a parent. We need to make sure that our kids have everything they need to survive and thrive and life, which can be difficult, but then, what’s more, is that we also need to make sure their confidence and self-esteem are at healthy levels. Given that…


Secure That School: Getting Your Kids Into The Right Place

As cities increase in population, the price of education goes up, and parents start to care more about where their children learn, finding places at the best schools is becoming harder and harder. Places will disappear overnight, with some moms and dads preparing well in advance for their child’s application…

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Dinner Celebration at Oscar’s in Eugenio Lopez Center Antipolo

"Love and appreciate your parents. We are often so busy growing up; we forget they are growing old." My dad recently celebrated his 60th birthday. Sixty! If you've been following my blog posts, then you probably know that we're not big on parties. That's why for my dad's big 6-0, my husband…


We Let Our Kids Get Messy. You should too!

"Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment." --MaryAnn F. Kohl For some reason, schools nowadays put heavy focus on Math and Reading. I don't get why they don't give as much time for the arts. In my daughter's school, the first graders only had art classes…


That Time I Stood Up For Mom-powerment

This year's Mother's Day was a special one for me because I had a chance to use it to empower other moms. FOXLife invited me to become one of their 'Mom Icons' in the second year of the League of Extraordinary Moms. Although I'm dead shy and scared to be…