Play Time at SM Aura’s Snow Playground

Ever since we saw Disney’s Frozen with the minis, The Princess has been extremely fascinated by the idea of winter and snow. That’s why last December, we took the minis to Manila Ocean Park to check out Trails to Antartica. We went around the whole park, but Snow Village was the highlight of the whole tour. It wasn’t a huge snow-covered village, but The Princess loved it anyway.

Then last month, I saw a friend’s post on Instagram about a snow playground in SM Aura. I knew I had to take The Princess there. After a few weeks, we finally found the time to drop by.

snow playground sm aura

For PHP 250, kids and adults can enjoy SM Aura’s Snow Playground for 30 minutes. The playground can accommodate up to 30 people. Inside are lots of colorful toys and tools that come in different shapes and sizes for building snow figures. The entrance fee includes boots in various kid and adult sizes. If you’re going to take the kids here, don’t forget to bring socks, a jacket and gloves. We forgot to bring gloves so it was a bit hard for The Princess and I to build a snow man.

The Princess had so much fun in the snow that it was a battle to get her out of the snow playground. I wanted to give her another 30 minutes inside, but Daddy A insisted that we take her out because she has to know “the limits.” After talking to our little girl about why we had to leave — we told her that her hands are so cold and that she might get sick if we stayed longer — we took the minis to McDonald’s for a snack. I know, we’re on a #JustCook challenge, but I think it’s fine to treat the kids to a cone of ice cream from McDonald’s every now and then. 😉

A Snack at McDonald's

The Little Man obviously enjoyed his share of ice cream. He kept doing this with his spoon and would call the attention of other diners sitting around us. Hehe! I think the nice thing about eating healthy and letting the kids have a bit of sweets every now and then is that they really appreciate it when we go out and buy them treats. The minis were overjoyed when they saw Daddy A with their sundaes.

While A and the minis’ ice cream fix brought them to their happy place (they were so hyper!), I ended up with a sore throat. 🙁 I didn’t feel very well after so we decided to just head to the grandparents’ house for dinner.

That’s how we spent our Saturday! How’s your long weekend going so far?

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