Kimberley Reyes & Co was established in 2014. We are a global team of virtual assistants on a mission to help clients work smarter and grow their businesses through our tailor-made virtual support services. It is also the mission of our CEO, Kimberley Reyes, to provide income opportunities while also promoting working in freedom through KR&Co.


Kim Reyes | Mom On Duty

Kimberley Reyes
Chief Executive Officer

Kimberley’s beginnings as a virtual assistant goes back to 2008. She was a college student then, merely looking for a side income to buy a new laptop. However, when she started working with clients, she felt a deeper sense to being a Virtual Assistant. It wasn’t just a gig for her; it became her mission to help people work in freedom – one entrepreneur, one business at a time.

She felt excitement whenever her clients reached their targets. She shared their joy whenever they finally get to go on a vacation without worrying about the operation of their business because Kim has their back.

Today, she leads a digital squad who supports her in her mission to promote working in freedom.

Penny Timbol
Chief Happiness Officer

As Chief Happiness Officer, Penny’s role in the company is to ensure that both our clients and our team are happy.

She coordinates with clients to see if there’s any way we can improve our services and helps each member of our digital squad collaborate better with clients and fellow team members.

Penny also organizes our monthly Lunch With The CEO, birthday celebrations, and welcome gifts.


We Embrace Learning

Kimberley Reyes & Co is known for being a Virtual Assistant Company that never stops creating solutions for clients. We continuously seek new skills sets to learn, new strategies to implement, and new knowledge to acquire. We are a squad of life-long learners – and that is our edge.

We Find Solutions (Whatever It Takes)

You will hear our CEO say this all the time: “Whatever it takes!” We have the can-do attitude when it comes to helping clients overcome their business blocks. We find solutions for them – whatever it takes.

Collaboration Over Competition

Although we offer incentives to team members who go above and beyond in their duties, we do not tolerate unhealthy competition just to get these rewards. Instead, we encourage team members to work together on projects so we can ensure only the best results for our clients.

We Practice Gratitude

Kimberley Reyes & Co doesn’t have a physical office where the team works. To ensure that the whole team are on the same page with goals and expectations, we conduct a weekly call where we share quick updates and reminders about projects.

However, although all team members work remotely, we make it a point to have at least one meet-up per month where members are free to join if they wish to. These meet-ups are held in co-working spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, or hotels. This is an opportunity for team members to hang out with each other and unwind.


Lunch With The CEO

Once a month, our team comes together to have lunch with our CEO, Kimberley Reyes. This is an opportunity for the team to get to know each other, share ideas, and discuss feedback. The team lunches are held in co-working spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, or parks.

Birthday Celebrations

We love celebrating birthdays (because that gives us an excuse to go to an eat-all-you-can restaurant, ho-ho)! Our team makes it a point to celebrate team members’ birthdays by sharing a delicious meal together.

Client Referral Bonus

Client referrals don’t go unnoticed here at Kimberley Reyes & Co. If you refer a prospect and they sign with us, you will get PHP500 every month the client is with us for a maximum of a year.

Client Praise Bonus

Every quarter, we ask our clients for feedback. This gives us insight on our performance and how we can further improve the experience for clients. If a team member receives client praise from our quarterly survey, she will get PHP500 bonus from us.

Performance Raise

All new team members get 10% raise on their hourly rate upon reaching one year with Kimberley Reyes & Co. After that, the increase will depend on each team member’s performance, which is based on their personal goals and our company goals.

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