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You have 2492798 systems, tools, and people in your business, but you don’t seem to be making the most out of your resources.

Systemizing and delegating can be exhausting. I get it. Setting these up can take so much of your time that you’d rather do everything yourself.

You’re also hesitant to take on one more client because you feel one more will collapse your whole system and you’ll be fighting more fires than every day.

Let’s change that.

The OBM On Demand is for entrepreneurs who are ready to go from overwhelmed to “I got this!”

Imagine having systems, a team, and tech in place that work for you, not against you.

Imagine hitting your revenue goals without the stress, hours of slaving away in front of your computer, and skipping weekends and holidays.

Imagine having a roadmap, a strategy, a plan with action steps so you know exactly what you need to do to prepare your business for growth and maintain it.

What you’ll get:

  • 90 minutes one-on-one time with Kimberley Reyes, Online Business Manager with 10+ years of experience systemizing and scaling businesses in various industries
  • An audit of your current systems and strategies
  • The answers to as many questions you can ask within the 90-minute session
  • 3-month action plan delivered within 7 days of your session
  • One week of Whatsapp access to Kimberley Reyes following the delivery of your action plan
  • The feeling that you are not alone in your business and someone has your back, rooting for your success


How It Works:

  1. Upon payment, you will receive a link to book your OBM On Demand session.
  2. The session is 90 minutes long and will be conducted via Zoom.
  3. After the session, you will receive a 3-month plan that you can use as a reference when you’re ready to take action.


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