My Kid Just Said #1

The Princess ran towards me screaming. I asked her why. She pointed at the ceiling and said, “Mommy… Look! Day-tor!”

My Kid Just Said

There was no dinosaur, but there was a lizard. 😀 I wanted to laugh at how terrified she looked, but being the good Mommy that I am (hehehe), I hugged her and told her not to be scared.

Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is a woman of many hats. She writes about how she happily manages her roles as wife to her firefighter husband, mom to her four kids, and Online Business Manager to her clients.

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  1. serene shikukeza

    Haha! Nakakatawa na nakakaawa sila pag natatakot. Ang cute ng itsura niya sa photo. Hihi

  2. Denise

    Baka alligator!

    1. Mom On Duty

      Dinosaur talaga muther. Tinuro niya yung dinosaur sa Hi-5 eh para lang maexplain sa amin kung ano sinasabi niya. Hahaha!

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