My Manila Hotel Tour: The Champagne Room

My Manila Hotel Tour
All photos in this post series were taken by Kimberley Reyes.
Please do not use or redistribute without permission.

The first stop of our My Manila Hotel Tour is the very elegant Manila Hotel Champagne Room. It is one of the two bullet-proof halls in the hotel; the other one being the Roma Salon. It actually wasn’t bullet-proof before. However, with the coup attempts, the hall was made bullet-proof to protect the guests, most of which were heads of states and high officials.

Manila Hotel Champagne Room

Upon entering the hall, the first thing that caught my eye was the ceiling for it was decorated with French-style chandeliers and glass palm trees. If I knew such a hall existed in the hotel, it would have been one of our top choices for our Paris-themed wedding!

Manila Hotel Champagne Room

It has long tables and chairs with dainty floral upholstery. Lined in the middle of the tables are tall vases filled with flowers and candles atop silver holders. It is very French provincial – and I love it! This, my friends, is my dining area peg. *sticks photo on inspiration board* Ehem, Daddy A!

Manila Hotel Champagne Room

On the walls are paintings and huge mirrors with golden linings. Everything is just so grand. If I were to dine here, I would truly feel like royalty!

Manila Hotel Champagne Room

Also surrounding the room are marble side tables with porcelain lamps and figurines. You know, the ones with women dressed in big, fancy gowns and men with long-tail coats.

If you are wondering, the Manila Hotel Champagne Room can be a venue for various events – meetings, engagement parties, and weddings to name a few. It can accommodate up to 150 persons.

This is part 1 of my five-part series on the My Manila Hotel Tour. Read my other posts about the tour here.

The Manila Hotel Website: http://www.manila-hotel.com.ph
The Manila Hotel Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/TheManilaHotel
The Manila Hotel Twitter Acct: http://www.twitter.com/manilahotel
The Manila Hotel Instagram Acct: http://www.instagram.com/manila_hotel

12 thoughts on “My Manila Hotel Tour: The Champagne Room”

  1. Louie Lumactud

    How did you book the My Manila Hotel Tour? I am interested to see the grandeur of the hotel as well. =)

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  3. I want to tour Manila Hotel, too! It’s one of the hotels in Manila that I’m really interested in but never really got to take a look at. I’ve only been there once – for an event and breakfast, and my experience wasn’t super great, but I really wanna give it another chance. The Champagne Room is so pretty!!!

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