Let’s Play Catch Up

Hello there, dear readers. I know. I went MIA yet again. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’d know why I’ve been gone: this Momma has been very busy preparing for the kids’ joint celebration.

For now, though, allow me to dump a bunch of photos and videos on you to let you catch up with what’s been happening in the MOD household in the past weeks. I hope you don’t mind!

The kids’ invitation: Airline tickets to Brazil for the Carnaval
Play time & nap time on the same time slot
Our third baby, Sasha.
Preparing for Caleb’s Baptism

Kelly turned two last Sunday. What was supposed to be a three-tier, Rio-themed cake became this: a one layer, animal-themed cake.

I am honored to be invited to Princess Kelly’s Tea Party
 My morning view

Now, let’s move on to the videos. Here’s one video of our Little Man laughing. He used to be super quiet. I don’t know what happened, really.

And here’s one of our Princess showing off the animal sounds I taught her. We recorded this video on the eve of her birthday:

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