Are you a person of integrity?


Here’s a nice throwback photo for today. I found this while I was browsing through my old Flickr account (gosh, I really miss taking photos!).

If there is one and only one message I would like you all to remember for the rest of your lives, it is this: be a person of integrity. (W. Sycip)

I took this photo back in 2010 somewhere in Makati. Daddy A and I were in a park, waiting for the drill he was conducting to begin. I saw this plaque with a quote about being a person of integrity on a park bench and I knew I just had to take a shot of the hubby beside it.

I think this is something that all men and women in service should remember. Well, I think this is something we should ALL take note of.

Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is a woman of many hats. She writes about how she happily manages her roles as wife to her firefighter husband, mom to her four kids, and Online Business Manager to her clients.

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