Hooray for the Little Man!

And hooray for this very haggard Mom!

The Little Man is a month old today. I cannot believe I survived a whole month taking care of an infant, a toddler and the house (well, the house needs a bit- maybe a lot- of organizing here and there).

I am a second-time Mommy, but I am still learning a lot of new things about being a Mom. Here are some of my realizations from the past month:

  • Sometimes, you have to let go. One child is already a lot to handle, but two little ones can be a handful! That’s why I learned to let go of the less important things so I can focus on my kids. I’ve learned to accept that the house cannot be squeaky clean all the time and that I have to stop being so OC. I learned to let the dishes pile up while I tend to the little ones. I learned to let the laundry wait.
  • Ask for help. Even superheroes need help, so moms shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help too! When it’s a bad day- the infant is fussy or my toddler is throwing tantrums- I call for help from my cousin who lives nearby. She has a 3-year old so I sometimes bring Kelly there for a play date. Of course, when Daddy A is around, I ask for help from him. We are partners, anyway. 😉
  • Get some rest! Everyone needs to rest. Last week, I was like a Mom on steroids. I was hands on with the kids, cleaned up our place, did the laundry and worked online in my spare time – which left me about 2 hours of sleep per day! The result? I got a really bad skin allergy attack. I don’t have food allergies so my dermatologist thinks it’s due to stress. Now I am really on steroids for a week (plus a strict diet).

Happy one month, baby boy! Mommy is very tired, but I will never exchange my time with you and Ate Kelly for anything else.

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