Daddy A’s Special Day

Yesterday, Daddy A celebrated his 26th birthday. The plan was to have a simple lunch at their office. However, when we arrived at the fire station, his crew greeted him with the traditional dunking. When Daddy A was still in the academy, cadets begin a birthday celebration by throwing the celebrant into a pool. Since they didn’t have a pool in the fire station, they just settled with buckets of water.

After dunking, they brought us to the dining area where they prepared a boodle fight. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join since they prepared tuyo and salted eggs, the two things I’d love to eat but I’m allergic to. 🙁

Come dinner time, we invited my family to Dampa Sa Libis, our go-to place every time we’re craving for seafood. As usual, we ordered our favorite steamed crabs and butter-garlic shrimps.

It’s nice that Dampa Sa Libis also has a tiangge within the area. While waiting for our food, we had a chance to go around to buy a few items for the little girl.

We got her a writing pad and her Lola got her Minnie Mouse clips that look so adorable on her! 😀 And because she knew she looks cute in those mouse ears, she kept posing for photos.

We finished dinner by 9 in the evening. Would you believe we ate a kilo of crabs, a kilo of shrimps and half a kilo of liempo? No wonder I feel so bloated until this morning!

We called it a night when the Baby Mouse started yawning and asking for milk. The Princess sang a quick happy birthday song for her Daddy — the one she learned from Hi5 — then went to sleep.

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