“Fireproof doesn’t mean the fire will never come. It means when the fire comes that you will be able to withstand it (Fireproof).”

My marriage with A is built on God and these words. We agreed to include this in the blog’s topic list for our marriage to serve as a testament of God’s loving guidance for couples (and individuals) who made Him their core.

The Perks of Being a Fire Wife

It's Daddy A's birthday weekend so I thought I'd stop complaining about how he spends more time on his work and highlight the good things that come with his work. Hehe! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARJAY! After four years of being married to Arjay, you'd expect that I already got used to life as…


Date Nights

Last night, I posted this status on my Facebook page: Post by Mom On Duty.   And I received an overwhelming response from other wives! You see, the past week has been CRAZY. The kids were sick--The Princess was being monitored for dengue so we had to keep going back…

I Judge My Husband and Why You Should Too

I Judge My Husband and Why You Should Too

I know, I know. We have been told time and again to never judge other people. But… can you really refrain from judging people? Is not judging doing us any good? Whenever a negative thought crosses my mind about another person, say my husband, my first instinct is to totally…