7 E-Learning Resources For Kids

A lot of things have changed since COVID-19 entered the Philippines. In the first few days, it felt like the world stopped. My kids' schools ended their classes abruptly. My husband suddenly couldn't come home. And we weren't allowed to leave the house. But, we all knew we had to…


2020 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day 2020 is happening on May 10, 2020. Are you looking for Mothers Day gift ideas? Normally, we would just go out and buy something special. But times now are challenging. This guide will direct you to the hottest products for moms from shops that can still deliver. 10…


Let’s Talk About Deworming!

Do you remember all the times you’ve come home from school or play as a child covered in sweat, some grime and soil? I remember getting an earful from my parents and getting reminded of how I should always wash my hands and keep myself clean after doing anything outside.…


My Syphon Coffee Workshop Experience at Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy

Who here loves coffee? I’m a coffee lover, but I never really thought about making my own coffee. Funny, isn’t it? I usually just go to my favorite cafes and order my favorite brews from them. It was only recently that I decided to try learning how to brew my own cup so my husband and I can enjoy cafe-style coffee at home. Since one of our favorites is the syphon-brewed coffee of Lido, I signed up for Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy’s Syphon Coffee Workshop.