HELLO THERE! I’m so, so, so excited to have you here! But first, let me introduce myself…

My name is Kim Reyes. I am a firefighter’s wife, a mom of 4, and a serial entrepreneur. Welcome to our family’s blog!

A bit of a background: I have been blogging since 2007, way before I became a mom. In 2011, I shifted from blogging about my solo travels in Coffee With Kim and launched Mom On Duty.

This blog is where I share stories and lessons on nurturing a happy marriage, positive and proactive parenting, and managing businesses from home (and from anywhere you find yourself calling ‘home’).

I also write about family-friendly destinations (with travel itineraries perfect for traveling with little ones), restaurants we love, products and services we recommend, as well as events that the whole family will enjoy.

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The Reyes Family

My husband, Arjay, is a fire officer serving the Bureau of Fire Protection. Due to the nature of his work, we have found ourselves calling many towns and cities our home. We have lived in busy cities like Makati and have enjoyed slow living in towns as far as Pilillia.

Wherever my husband’s work takes our family, we enjoy. That’s why aside from parenting and homemaking stories, you’ll also read a lot about our adventures in the different places we call home.

Our family has been blessed with four children: Kelly, Caleb, Charlie, and Ava. They are four adorable and smart little ones that have never-ending what’s, how’s, and why’s about anything under the sun, moon, and stars!

Their curiosity can sometimes be exhausting, but it is something we encourage since we believe in learning through exploratory, creative, and independent play.

We know it’s not usual to see a big family like ours these days, but through this blog, we hope to show others the joys of having one! BONUS: You’ll get a lot of tipid tips from us, too.

Other Things That Keep Me Busy

Aside from raising little humans, I work with coaches and online entrepreneurs as a Virtual Assistant. I have been offering my services for over a decade and currently building a team so we can extend help to more entrepreneurs.

I also help my husband and kids (yes, we have kidpreneurs!) out with their business, Ready Belly. So yes, my hands are happily full!

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