How and Why You Should Green Your Laundry Routine

There are many values that I want to teach the minis and one of them is love for the environment. I want my minis to enjoy the world as much as I and the older generations did so I decided to start fighting (or at least slow down) the deterioration of Mother Earth through little ways that, if all of us did, will have a huge impact.

So as not to worsen the situation (which is already bad), I’ve made changes to our lifestyle to create a positive dent in our family’s eco-footprint. These are not huge lifestyle changes but small ones that anyone can do:

  • We started growing our own food. Yes you can, even if you have small space! We live in a condo and we grow our food on our veranda.
  • We began using less chemical-based cleaning products. Vinegar and baking soda have been awesome cleaning agents!
  • We support the use of eco-bags every time we go shopping (even if the mall/grocery has plastic bags available).
  • We use our car less and walk/bike more.
  • We follow the three R’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

I also started greening our laundry by limiting our laundry day to just once a week and using safer laundry products. You can find valuable information about how and why you should green your laundry in this infographic:

Source: Fix.com

3 thoughts on “How and Why You Should Green Your Laundry Routine”

  1. Ahh. The wonders of baking soda and vinegar 😀 They’re so safe to use that we allow our 4 yr old to clean his desk using diluted vinegar.

    Can you recommend a ‘greener’ detergent? Hubby had asked me about it a few months back but I keep on forgetting kaya nauuwi sa anong available sa grocery. Momnesia. Hehe 😀

    1. What we’re using now is Human Nature’s Natural Liquid Detergent. The infographic I shared recommends an even greener one using a combination of white vinegar and essential oils. I haven’t tried it before, but soon!

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