Welcoming August with Good Vibes

I was feeling a bit off last month — despite July being my birthday month — for some weird reason. BUT, I’m feeling pretty good about August!

First, because I woke up to the two crazies giggling like, well, crazy.

Mom On Duty

Remember my post about The Little Man jumping off the bed? Well, he did it again and the siblings found it funny. Hence, all the giggling.

And second, because I’m going to re-try Project Fit and Toned. If you followed my old blog, Coffee With Kim, you’d be familiar with this. I will start with my week-long detox next week, but I plan to start my exercise program today. So far, what I have is a copy of Intensity Workout and passes to a resort with a lap pool. Yey!

I am generally feeling good vibes all around me! HELLO AUGUST!

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