The Little Man is walking already! As in, he really walks. He doesn’t just take a few steps then crawls the rest of the way (like what he used to do two weeks ago). He’d now walk across a full hallway and would run after his sister in the living room. So yes, we have a walker!

I am very happy, but also feeling rather sentimental because my babies are growing up… and it’s happening extra fast! Last night, I was taking pictures of them as they wrestled each other. They laughed as they held on to each other’s arms, legs, and faces. I watched as they held each other’s hand and jumped happily from the side table to the bed (I know, my kids are stunt-crazy!).

Just a few months ago, I remember The Princess telling me how bored she was because her brother just sleeps and drinks milk. Now, he’s there, playing with her. And they’re both overjoyed about it.

I posted this photo on Instagram last night:

The Minis sharing their milk
“My wish is for these two to grow up without growing apart.”

I love seeing the minis so close to each other. I wish their closeness – with each other and with us, their parents – will never go away.

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  1. Wow! They are so cute! Big girl na talaga si ate Kelly :)

    1. Ang dali na silang alagaan! I love it! :D

  2. Wow! Congrats, Kim! No need for a ‘walker’ na! Hehe. So cute!

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