Votemm Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vo.Temm Handheld 2-Way Vacuum Cleaner Review

When you’re a homemaker, nothing excites you more than new tech for your homemaking needs. So, when I finally bought the Vo.Temm Handheld 2-Way Vacuum Cleaner from O Shopping, I was ecstatic!

Votemm Vacuum Cleaner Review

I was actually eyeing on those Dyson vacuums. But, since those are too expensive and we don’t need anything heavy duty for our tiny home, I went for the Vo.Temm Vacuum Cleaner.

Why buy a vacuum cleaner, anyway?

Because our youngest has started hanging out on the floor and picking up things he shouldn’t be putting in his mouth, I knew I need something that will help me clear the floor.

I used to just sweep the floor, but I realized I don’t get all the dust and tiny dirt just by sweeping. I needed something more efficient that can pull out the dirt from every nook and cranny in our home; hence the idea of buying a vacuum cleaner.

I also use it to vacuum our mattress and curtains so I don’t have to call someone weekly to do it for us.

Vo.Temm Vacuum Cleaner Review

What I Like About It

As advertised on TV, the Vo.Temm Vacuum Cleaner does a pretty good job in sucking up dirt even in crevices provided that you use the right tool for it.

Note that the vacuum cleaner comes with different attachments. It’s important that you read the manual so you know which attachment to use for the type of cleaning you’ll do.

I love that it comes with a long electric wire so I don’t have to move from one socket to another whenever I move to another area in our home.

The vacuum cleaner is also easy to store since you can quickly remove attachments, put everything in the bag that comes with it, then keep the whole thing in a closet!

Most importantly, at P2,995, this vacuum cleaner is affordable compared to more popular brands like Dyson.

A Few Issues

My issue with the Vo.Temm Vacuum Cleaner is that it heats up pretty fast.

What I mean by that is I am only able to use it continuously for about five minutes. After that, I have to drain and cool down. I haven’t used other vacuum cleaners before, so I’m not sure if that’s normal. But that’s what I observed.

The other issue is that it takes a while to cool down. That’s a bit of a hassle if you’re in a hurry.

Other than the drawbacks I mentioned above, I can say that the Vo.Temm Vacuum Cleaner is a pretty good purchase. I love how clean our floors, our bed, and our shelves feel because of it. It definitely made cleaning easier and more efficient.

If the two issues are okay with you, then you’ll want to have the Vo.Temm Vacuum Cleaner in your home as well! You can buy it here: www.oshopping.com.ph

8 thoughts on “Vo.Temm Handheld 2-Way Vacuum Cleaner Review”

  1. Hi! I was just wondering if the vacuum’s suction power is still the same now compared to when you first bought it?

    1. Yes!!! 🙂 My only concern with Vo.Temm Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is that you can’t use it continuously, otherwise it overheats and turns off until it cools down. So what we do is we use it for five minutes tops then we let it rest. It’s been that way even when it was new.

          1. Hi is your vaccum still doing good to this date? And have you asked votemm or o shopping if its normal or got a faulty one?
            Thanks f

          2. Hi Jane! Yes, our vacuum cleaner is still working. 🙂 I never got in touch with O Shopping or Vo.Temm, though, about cases of it shutting down after prolonged use. What we do is we don’t let it run continuously to prevent that from happening.

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