toys r us robinson's antipolo

Toys R Us Opens In Robinson’s Place Antipolo

toys r us robinson's antipolo

We are very intentional when it comes to buying toys for our minis. The toys we purchase are well thought of because 1) we don’t want to crowd the house with knickknacks that will just collect dust and 2) we don’t have space in our budget for a lot of toys. So what do the minis play with? Well, they have a box of blocks, a mini car each, a kitchen set, and lots of art materials. We only bring out one type of toy per play time, so they won’t get overwhelmed (I noticed that they get so hyper when there are so many toys around)…this also makes pack-up easier and faster.

It has been a while since we last added anything to our collection of toys, so when Toys R Us invited members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines last September 26th at the newly opened Robinson’s Place Antipolo, our little family of four got super excited! 😀 My co-parents and I have actually been waiting for Robinson’s Place to open for months since it’s just a few minutes from our girls’ school so it was an opportunity for me to do an ocular before I bring the whole barkada with me.

toys r us antipolo

Of course, the first store our family visited is Toys R Us. We missed the program they prepared that morning (boohoo), but the minis were happy to try making loombands. The Princess was able to make it through the first phase of creating a loomband, but later on gave in to her toddlerhood and just decided to “cook soup” using the elastic bands and container. LOL!

looming at toys r us

While they were busy playing pretend chefs, Arjay and I took the chance to go around Toys R Us. We saw lots of goodies we wanted to take home, but we agreed to buy two things: Face Paint and a Darn Yarn set.

We obviously had lots of fun playing with our new face painting set, as you can see in these photos:

Face painting is one of our favorite weekend activities with the kids! This is why we must never run out of face paint. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, though. It took Arjay some time to paint the minis’ faces so we lost the chance to shoot them with natural light. 😀 The Princess said she wants to be an elephant, while The Little Man requested to be a puppy (‘puppy’ being his current favorite word).

The Darn Yarn set has a story behind it. You see, I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet but never got around to finding time to learn it. One afternoon, while we were hanging out at our porch, Arjay shared a Nescafe commercial he saw earlier that day wherein they asked random people about what they want to start. “Ano ang gusto mong simulan?” they asked. He threw the same question at me and the first thing that popped at the top of my head is to crochet. So when we saw the Darn Yarn set, which is a crochet loom that is perfect for beginners, he bought it for me.

My first work of art is a pink bonnet for The Princess. It actually lacks a bit of height because my girl just kept bugging me to finish it already so she can wear it. Still, it’s pretty special:

crochet loom

Toys R Us is located at the al fresco area of Robinson’s Place Antipolo. There are seven toy zones that cater to the needs of kids of all ages: Let’s Play, Action & Adventure, Vehicle World, Tech & Toys for Learning and Fun, Family & Fun Games, Babies “R” Us, and Sports & Outdoor Fun.

8 thoughts on “Toys R Us Opens In Robinson’s Place Antipolo”

  1. Too bad we didn’t meet each other on the opening of Toys R Us. Mel said you already left with the kids because they were already asleep. I am not used to seeing a Toys R Us at an al fresco location but I think it is awesome since they have extra space for some activities for the kids.

    Nice toy loots! 🙂

  2. We’re too far from Antipolo. 🙁 but, yes, I do agree that the face paintings are all so cute! How I wish I have that talent too! 🙂 I’m a little knowledgeable when it comes with crochet, but it has already been years since the last time I made something out of this hobby. 🙂

  3. love the face paints 😀 I’m far from Antipolo though I will let my colleagues who live in the area about this (if they don’t know it yet :D)

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