Stay at Home Parents: Get Through Summer With These 3 Tips

You love your kids, but sometimes they can be a bit much. This is never more true than during the summer months, when they’ll be around for every hour of the day. Without school to occupy their time, they’ll constantly be in your way. Get through summer without pulling out your hair by using the … Read moreStay at Home Parents: Get Through Summer With These 3 Tips

Let’s Talk About Deworming!

Antiox is available in chocolate flavor.

Do you remember all the times you’ve come home from school or play as a child covered in sweat, some grime and soil? I remember getting an earful from my parents and getting reminded of how I should always wash my hands and keep myself clean after doing anything outside. During those times, I was … Read moreLet’s Talk About Deworming!

Handling Stress With Grace for Work At Home Moms

Handling Stress With Grace for Work At Home Moms

Freelancing is amazing because you get to choose the projects you will work on and have more control of your time. But, although I love every bit of my journey as a freelancer, to be totally honest, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Even the most seasoned freelancers will agree that it can be a … Read moreHandling Stress With Grace for Work At Home Moms

Best Summer Destinations Near Manila

Eugenio Lopez Center Hotel in Antipolo

I’m sure you’re already feeling the intense summer heat. While I love that we get to experience long days of sunshine, I have to say that the heat can get very exhausting if you don’t find a way to cool down. That’s why I decided to create a list of the best summer destinations near Manila that we’ve tried and loved. I will keep building on this list as we go on more adventures with our kids!

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Income Report: First Quarter of 2019

I’ve been holding back from this for years because money is a tricky topic to navigate. But, I thought I’d share my journey here as I scale my Virtual Assistant Business this year. What better way to see if what I’m doing works is by documenting the steps I took and the results I got.

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