Making Your Own Gift Sets

Make Your Own Gift Set

There are numerous gift sets out in the market for almost every occasion. However, because of their saturation, gifting them may seem lazy and impersonal. Prices tend to be jacked up because of cute packaging, and it’s actually a lot more cost-effective and fun to just make your own. As we begin a new year, … Read more Making Your Own Gift Sets

2019 FAMILY TRIP TO SINGAPORE (Budget + Itinerary)

2019 Family Trip to Singapore

Every year, I ask our kids where they want to go on their birthday. We prefer giving experience gifts instead of actual things because things often just pile up, but memories are forever. So, last November, we went on a family trip to Singapore and Malaysia after Caleb asked to go to Universal Studios and … Read more 2019 FAMILY TRIP TO SINGAPORE (Budget + Itinerary)

How We #MakeBrushTimeHapeeTime At Home

Make brush time HAPEE time

It wasn’t hard to get my two bigger kids to brush their teeth. Even in their younger years, there was no struggle at all when it comes to brush time. But things are different with Charlie. This mini of ours will put out a fight before he lets us brush his teeth. I guess it’s … Read more How We #MakeBrushTimeHapeeTime At Home