Are all milks the same?

Is your child #LakingAmazing?

After the Little Man weaned from breastfeeding a few weeks after his second birthday, I found myself scrambling to find a replacement. Although he eats solids like a champ already, I believe that milk is still essential for his growing bones. Have you ever found yourself in the grocery store, wondering what kind of milk … Read more Are all milks the same?

Raising #LakingAmazing Kids with NIDO 3+

Guest speaker, Dr. Agnes Calleja, M.D. shared the importance of understanding age-specific nutrition in helping mothers make the right food choices for their kids.

Among the many hats I wear, I can say that being a mom is the most challenging role I play. Mothering can be overwhelming, especially if you have children in their early childhood years (like mine–aged 4 and 3 years old). While it’s important for me to keep my minis protected, I also want to … Read more Raising #LakingAmazing Kids with NIDO 3+