Time for Back-to-School Shopping? You’ll #LoveSNR!

Our back to school finds at S&R

This school year is an exciting one for our little family since our youngest will be starting school this year! Yay! The Little Man accompanies me to his sister’s school when we bring and pick her up there. When the girls line up to get ready to walk to the preschool house, the Little Man … Read moreTime for Back-to-School Shopping? You’ll #LoveSNR!

Stay Cool with S&R Summer Treats

Melona Ice Bar at S&R

This summer is unbelievably hot, isn’t it? That’s why we’ve been very creative in keeping ourselves cool so we don’t end up swimming in our own sweat! One way we’re beating the heat is by stocking up on refreshing food and drinks. I dropped by S&R Nuvali today for my bi-weekly grocery shopping and found … Read moreStay Cool with S&R Summer Treats

Be summer ready with S&R!

Are you all set for summer? Now that the Princess is on summer vacation, we are SO ready to take on Summer 2016! We don’t have set plans for summer just yet, but we sure want to go on out-of-town trips. We haven’t been able to go on trips (even quick ones) the past year because … Read moreBe summer ready with S&R!

#LoveSNR February Deals

S&R's February Deals feature a wide variety of sweet and romantic Valentine's Day treats at amazingly affordable prices!

The love month isn’t over here at the Mom On Duty home and that’s all thanks to our S&R shopping loot. Although Daddy A and I may seem relaxed, we actually have crazy busy schedules. Despite our hectic days, though, we still make it a point to spend some time with each other. One of our favorite … Read more#LoveSNR February Deals

Start the Year Right: You’ll #LoveSNR for these healthy deals!

#LoveSNR Healthy Deals

The new year marks a new beginning for most of us. It’s a chance to start fresh and attempt to live better. This 2016, my promise is to be healthier by eating right and *gulp* sticking to an exercise schedule. Have a look at the lifestyle changes we’ve made so far (and why we #LoveSNR so … Read moreStart the Year Right: You’ll #LoveSNR for these healthy deals!