Indoor Gardening

Starting A Small Pocket Of Garden At Home

Did you know that having a garden at home offers a wide range of health benefits? In today’s episode of Coffee With Kim, I got a chance to chat with plant momma, Diana Camay-Pascual. We talked about how anyone can start a home garden – regardless of how big your space is – and what the best plants are for beginners.

Show Notes

  • Plants have a wide range of benefits like helping clean indoor air. It also great for mental health at it helps relieve stress.
  • Research before buying a plant. Buy one that can thrive in the environment you’re going to place it in. Consider the amount of sunlight you have in the area and if you use airconditioning.
  • If possible, consult with an expert first so you know the best plants for you. Love Leaf Grow offers consultations to help you pick the right plants for your home.
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