Pasabuy Rizal 2020

Rizal Pabili Services For Your Enhanced Community Quarantine Food Stock

Although we are still allowed to go out during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, we have to be extra careful by limiting our trips out of the house or not going out at all. Thankfully, there are businesses who stepped up during this trying time by offering pasabuy or pabili services so we can restock our refrigerators without having to go out of the house. Here are some of the businesses offering this in the Province of Rizal.

Available Pasabuy Services In The Province Of Rizal

For your appliances, you can try Distributor’s Online Sale.

If you know other pasabuy services in Rizal, please comment here and I’ll add them to our list. This is going to be super helpful for our fellow Rizalenos who prefer not to or cannot leave their homes.

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