Jelly Nelly Sandals

Rain or Shine, Stay In Style With Your Jelly Nelly Sandals

Jelly Nelly Sandals

The weather has been extremely bipolar lately. Have you noticed that? It’s super hot in the morning, then it rains really hard in the afternoon. It’s just crazy! Since my daily routine requires me to be out and about most of the day, I always make sure I am prepared for the ever-changing mood of the Philippine weather.

Aside from a cute umbrella, a handy bag, and comfy clothes, an important aspect in my usual day-to-day attire is comfortable and stylish footwear. My favorite lately is my pair of Tropical Kiss Jelly Nelly Sandals in orange and blue.

What I love about these babies is that they’re perfect for sunny days with their bright, summer-y color combination and are great for when the rain suddenly pours since they’re waterproof and washable (you don’t get that uncomfortable-soaked-feet feeling)!

Jelly Nelly on ZaloraWhat makes these jellies even more awesome is that they’re made of Eco Jelly. The materials used to manufacture Jelly Nelly sandals “follow the safest and strictest standards for material composition, making our Jellies very friendly for your feet and the environment.”

Jelly Nelly sandals range from PhP700 to PhP 900. They have sandals for ladies and little girls! Jellies are now available in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Bacolod! You can find a complete list of stores here. You can also buy a pair (or pairs!) online from Zalora Philippines.

Website: www.jellynelly.com
Follow ’em: Jelly Nelly Facebook page

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11 thoughts on “Rain or Shine, Stay In Style With Your Jelly Nelly Sandals”

  1. I love the colour! 🙂 So sunshiny and summery and very happy. 🙂 I should give Jelly Nelly a try. Hindi ba madulas? That’s my issue with jelly slippers eh. MAdulas. 🙁 Eh I have an 8 month old baby kaya I’m always on my fitflops.

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