Epoch® Ava Puhi Moni® Shampoo & Light Conditioner

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Discover the secret of ava puhi moni. For generations, Polynesians have washed and conditioned their hair with nectar from the ava puhi bulb. Now you can enjoy the ava puhi experience with this rich ethnobotanical shampoo and light conditioner. Two products in one, it gently cleanses and hydrates, leaving your hair clean, vibrant, and lustrous.

1 review for Epoch® Ava Puhi Moni® Shampoo & Light Conditioner

  1. Kimberley Reyes

    I started using this last week. I love that it’s a one-step system (shampoo and conditioner in one) and that it leaves my hair manageable and soft after use. They didn’t promise it in the product description, but it also lessened my dandruff for some reason.

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