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    Learning Through Play

    Daddy A and I were first introduced to the term learning through play’ when we signed our Little Princess up for a membership in Gymboree. According to Wikipedia, “Learning through play is a term used in education and psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.” [Full Article]

    Knowing our girl, we were certain this is something that will work for her. We started teaching her words even before she can talk. We bought balls for her play pen and taught her the colors while playing catch.

    >We let her paint, too, without scolding her about her hands and clothes getting dirty. We also let her paint whatever she wants. They say this stimulates a child’s imagination and creativity, which is very true with our little girl.

    I let her go up and down the stairs and counted every time she takes a step. She also learned the names of the planets and knows the sun, moon and stars through a song we got from Bubble Guppies. Kelly can identify animals, too, which she learned from our numerous trips to different zoos.

    Flowers, trees and the rain were taught during our afternoon walks. While sharing, patience and the concept of friendship were introduced by letting her play with other kids in our street and weekly play dates at Gymboree.

    She is also aware that animals should be treated with love. And we taught her that by letting her take care of her own fish (Mrs. Grumpfish) and bird (Sasha). It’s amazing that she never forgets to feed them, she plays with them and even talks to them!

    Children can learn so many things through playing and exploring their surroundings! We love this method of teaching so much because it’s fun not only for Kelly, but for Daddy A and I too. Moreover, learning sessions are opportunities for bonding and relaxation (for Mom and Dad).

    How do you make learning fun for your kids?

    Moms Can Go Further with Ford

    A few days ago, I went to the pre-Mother’s Day event and Baby Shower of Ford Philippines. I was told that I can bring another Mommy friend to the event so I asked Denise of Bebengisms to come along. Enjoy na enjoy ako sa blog posts niya kaya naisip ko siguradong masaya kasama ang Queen of Bekiness. True enough, there was never a dull moment. Haha!

    Photo from Ford Philippines Facebook Page

    Halata bang enjoy na enjoy kami mag chikahan? 😀 Our chikahan started from the time Queen B entered the car up until we parted ways. No wonder we have super duper talkative kids! Mana-mana lang daw eh.

    Moving on to the event.

    We arrived at Chef Rodriquez’s residence a little before 10 in the morning. After our quick chika moment in the car, we went into the house and was warmly greeted by the organizers.

    The first part of the event was a talk by Ms. Anika of Ford. She discussed road safety and how Ford can make the whole driving experience comfortable and safe especially for expecting moms. Her talk really made me want to get a Ford Focus, ha! Features like the Active City Stop, hands-free parking and secure points for the kids’ car seats are perfect for moms who are always on the go.

    Ms. Anika

    Mommies, if you are expecting, you still need to put the seat belt on. Just make sure that the belt does not go across your tummy, but below it. You also have to recline the seat a bit further to give space for your growing belly. If back pain is a problem, you can put a rolled towel between the seat and your lower back. It is also important to take driving breaks. The best and safest thing to do, however, is to be the passenger instead of the driver.

    After the talk, we went outside to test the Ford Focus.

    The demonstration really sold the Ford Focus to me. In fact, I inquired about the price and texted Daddy A. Haha! But of course, this will have to wait until we get our budget straight. But mothers, if you are thinking of buying a car, this is it!

    After trying out the features of Ford Focus, we went back in for the cooking demo of Chef Jacq. We were taught how to prepare a healthy maki, which is pretty easy pala.

    It was almost lunch then so I was more than willing to try the maki that Denise made. It looked funny, but what the hell. Haha! I’m sure naman masarap, diba mother? Unfortunately, they didn’t serve the maki made by the mommies.

    I love, love, love the Chicken Yakitori and Angus Steak! I wanted to get more, but I had no space left in my tummy. Kung pwede lang take out eh! 😀

    Lunch with the Mommies
    Photo from Ford Philippines Facebook Page

    After lunch and loads of kwentuhan and photo opps with the Mommies, Denise and I agreed to go home. However, before leaving, Ford gave us gifts. Yes, gifts.

    They gave us souvenirs…

    Mother’s Day cupcakes…

    …and a car seat from Chicco!

    The last gift was truly a surprise! Saktong-sakto dahil naghahanap na rin kami ng car seat para sa aming baby boy na sumasama na sa galaan.

    Thank you for inviting me, Ford Philippines!

    Our Dancing Diva and the Talkative Boy

    I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to and it’s all because I’ve been spending lots of time with the kids. I don’t know, but ever since I realized that my little girl is turning 2 in a few days, I started feeling like the kids are growing up too fast and that I’m running out of time with them. OA ba? But it’s true, that’s how I’ve been feeling so I try to spend as much time with them before they start going to school and before I start going to work. Yes, dear readers, I might start working away from home soon. I’m not very excited about it, but let’s leave that to another post.

    I love being a work-at-home-mom because I get to spend the whole day with the kids. And the fun thing about spending the whole day with the kids is that I witness priceless moments. Here are a few clips that really made my week:

    I have a feeling that our Princess is going to be a performer. She loves singing and dancing especially when she knows she has an audience.

    Our Little Man is starting to be talkative like his big sister. For a while I thought he’d be different; that he’d be the quiet type. I was wrong. It looks like we have yet another talkative mini in the house.

    Sometimes I wish our two little ones will never grow up. It’s so hard thinking of the day that we will have to let go of them and it’ll be just Daddy A and I. Hay!

    On Being a Young Mom + A Trendy Giveaway

    Earlier today, I watched a video that Tina of Truly Rich Mom shared on Facebook. “Mighty” is a blog post turned into a Mother’s Day video. I was in tears while watching the video because it truly captured motherhood.

    I’ve had a fair share of belittling comments from other people about me being a work at home mom: that I’m wasting my education, that I’m putting my career on hold, yada-yada-yada. What they don’t know is that being a mother, being around the kids all the time to witness their milestones with your own eyes, is actually very fulfilling — in my opinion, even more fulfilling than being a CEO of a huge company or traveling to close a business deal.

    Thing is, no matter how much you explain to people that you are happy with your choice, they will often just give you a pat on the back then they shake their heads in pity.

    I used to feel super down every time I hear negative comments about me being a young mom. There was even a time when I started to believe that maybe I really am a failure because I’m not doing anything with my life. But with the help of Daddy A and other Mommy friends, I stopped pitying myself and became a proud WAHM and Mommy Blogger.

    It all started when Daddy A offered to “sponsor” my make over. It’s true what they say: sometimes the way you look may affect how you feel about yourself. During the time that I felt really down, I used to go out in jogging pants and a lose shirt, I always wore my hair up and I didn’t wear make up (not even lip gloss!). No wonder people were pitying me… because I was a pitiful sight!

    I really felt good after getting my hair done, so I moved on to updating my closet. Although they are really comfortable, I decided to stop wearing jogging pants and shirts when I go out.

    Enter Oh! Kay Ganda (Instagram), an online shop that sells fashionable, but very affordable clothing pieces. I visited Kay, the shop owner and my cousin, just a few days ago and talked to her about my closet update. I saw the clothes she is selling and asked her if she has anything for Mommies and little girls. She didn’t have any available then, but yesterday, she called me up and asked The Princess and I to try on her Mom and Baby Collection.

    The Princess and I never went on a shoot before so I’m really happy that the photos came out pretty good. The leggings are really stylish and comfortable so I thought, “I should share this to my Mommy readers!” I talked to Kay about the possibility of a giveaway and she said yes!

    We are giving away matching animal print leggings to one lucky Mom and her little girl!



    After almost seven months of bed rest when I was pregnant with Caleb and four months of running after a toddler and taking care of an infant all at the same time, we finally went on a family trip. This was scheduled way back in December after we purchased our membership at Club Astoria. As a welcome gift to our family, they gave us a holiday treat in Bohol. Imagine how long we waited for this!


    We took the first flight to Bohol via Cebu Pacific. Since we have two infants (Kelly is still considered an infant since she’s below 2 years old), the staff of Cebu Pacific assisted us so we wouldn’t have to line up with the other passengers. Checking in was super hassle-free. However, what was disappointing was NAIA Terminal 3. It was extremely hot. Kawawa ang kids dahil parang naka-off ang aircon!

    Playing inside the plane

    We departed Manila on time so we were in Bohol on the expected time of arrival. From Tagbilaran Airport, our hotel van picked us up and brought us to Bohol Tropics. I’ve stayed in Bohol Tropics a couple of times already so I knew they won’t disappoint. Although we were there hours before the check in time, they allowed us to check in early so the kids can rest.

    A little before lunch time, I contacted the tour operator we met at the airport and asked him to pick us up for our countryside tour.

    Since it was almost time for lunch, our tour guide decided to take us to Loboc River first for the river cruise and lunch buffet.

    The Buffet Table

    Tired little ones

    Performing with the locals

    The river cruise took about an hour and a half — enough for the guests to enjoy the buffet lunch and the view.

    After the cruise, we met with our tour guide again then went on to the different tourist spots in Bohol like…







    We also went to the Man-made Forest and the Blood Compact monument. Unfortunately, we just stayed inside the car because the kids fell asleep and we didn’t want to wake them up.

    After the countryside tour, we went back to the hotel and had dinner there. I ordered my favorite Lemon-Butter Fish Fillet while Daddy A got himself a plate of Tenderloin Steak. Again, we don’t have pictures (very sorry) because we had the kids on our laps plus we were too hungry to take photos.

    The next day, we booked a trip to Panglao with the same tour operator. We wanted to stay in Bohol Beach Club, but we were told that it’s under renovation so he brought us to Panglao Island Resort instead. However, before heading to the resort, we took a quick side trip to Hinagdanan Cave.

    Kamusta naman ang bumaba ng cave ng naka-maxi dress. Lol! By the way, mothers, if you’re going on a trip like this, I suggest that you buy a Baby K’Tan too (or whatever sling you prefer)! The whole trip was made much, much, much easier because of the sling.

    And because our Princess kept asking us to go to the beach, we quickly finished our tour of Hinagdanan Cave and went to Panglao Island Resort.


    Since I didn’t let him swim, Caleb and I just stayed on a beach side and slept. 😀 Look at him sleeping so soundly!

    While Caleb and I slept (and ate then slept again hehe), Daddy A and Kelly made figures from the sand.

    Spot the croc!


    After a whole day of playing with sand and swimming, we went back to the hotel to have a nice, long rest. I was planning to go on a night swim in the pool, but I was exhausted after our day at the beach so I just hit the sack.

    The next morning, we packed our things and headed to the airport. We didn’t take the first flight this time so we got delayed by an hour!

    By the time we got on the plane, Kelly was already very cranky. Buti na lang si Caleb very quiet the whole time.

    Parang ang bilis lang, ano? I actually don’t want to leave yet, but Daddy A has to go back to work so no choice. Hehe.

    How about you? Where did you go / where do you plan to go this summer?

    Breakdown of Expenses
    Bohol Tropics Terrace Room: FREE, c/o Club Astoria
    Countryside Tour (entrance fees excluded): P2,500/car
    Loboc River Cruise: P450/person
    Panglao Island Resort Day Tour: P450/person